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The Library©

This is a page for fan fiction! If you have a great Club Penguin fan fiction, just post it in the comments or email us at rockhoppertrackerteam@gmail.com and it will be put here!


Story by Zizzle

When Rockhopper`s ship arrived on Clubpenguin Island he was calling for the rest if his army. Rockhopper counted Zizzle Z to find them,while Captain Rockhopper gets all his wepsons on the ship. Zizzle Z wen`t to Aunt Arctic the news reporter to put on the news paper (calling alll Rockhopper`s arrmy on clubpenguin rockhopper needs you ship leaves on Thursday.Aunt Arctic put that on the news paper. The army on the island saw it in the paper that rockhopper neded them. They were all ready.Rockhopper and Zizzle Z were telling the crew that evil penguins were cooming to destroy Rockhopper Island!! Rockhoppe`s helper Yarr would be loockout. The whole crew saw rockhopper Island.Once they got there they were getting the island for battle! They made little ditches so they can sneak on them and throw snowballs at them.Rockhopper pickes up some medal from clubpenguin so they made snowball machine guns,frezzing cold snowball guns ,snowball buzka`s and ice snipers.When Zizzle Z saw the evil penguins boat he tod rockhopper that they were about to be here.The army got ready,when the evil penguin`s got there they started using there wepsons. THe whole army wasn using the snowball icey guns,the bazkooos,snowballl guns too.Rockhopper`s army was kinda winning!! The evil penguins were cooming close to the army base! People in the ditches were shooting their ice snipers at them.The evil penguins were getting frostbites by the coldness of the snowballs. Rockhopper was in a safe distant,and also using the snowball wepsons.Zizzle Z and another guy called Gazer Beam were shooting with rockhopper.! evil penguin made it threw to where Rckhopper,Zizzle Z, and gezer beam .The evil penguin got threw the door and shot gazer beam with a ice cold cube Zizzle Z threw a snowball smoke grenade and grabbed Gazer beam. Rockhopper opened the escape pod. The evil penguin started shooting snowballs everywera Zizzle Z got a shield to prestect them while they escape! The evil penguin could not see and fell down a window face down and landed in the snow! Rockhopper,Gazer Beam, and Zizzle Z were safe for now.Rockhopper`s army were winning ,they would dorve jeep`s throwing snowballs ,grenades,and shooting snowballs at them with a fast snowball macine.Rockhopper rembered something that kept a super power thing that Gary The Gadget Guy gave him.Rockhopper was going to use it. while Zizzle was making Gazer beam better rockhopper got it ready! but just as soon as rockhoper was about to fire VKZZOOBOOM KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody was in the snow even the evil penugins were in the snow. Zizzle Z was alson in the snow rockhopper manged to get of the snow.1 evil penugin got out odf the snow and was about to shoot Zizzle Z rockhoppper hurried to save him.rockhopper threw a snowball at that snowball to make it fall.Rockhopper saved Zizzle Z`s life!83 penguins of rockhoppers army were still good.73 evil penguins survied.The battle was stil not over yet rockhopper and zizzle got gazer beam out of the snow. All of us got our wepsons and hurried into the jeep that was still left .Zizzle shot everywer he shot lots of evil penguins even gazer beam.rockhopper even threw snowball grenades at them!! The evil peniugns got frostbute and left!they were all so proud even zizzle was proud to have a friend like Rockhopper to save his life! And they had a huge celberrastion!!!!!


Story by Funguin

It was just another normal day in Club Penguin when, all of the sudden a flying jetpack zoomed by! My friends and I chased after it. We ran past the busy town, and the dock, when the jetpack got slower, without thinking first, I jumped up and grabbed it! I was flying!!!! It was amazing seeing Club Penguin from a birds eye view! It was the prettiest sight I ever saw. I was getting close to Ski Mountain and couldn’t see my friends any more. “Guys I’m up here!!!!” I called. No answer. “Guys?” I whispered, feeling very scared. I was all alone. Then I started to panic. I saw the sun setting and I knew the penguins back were going to be worried. I was cold and hungry. Oh why was I so foolish to hold on to this jetpack? Now if I let go I would fall, and get hurt! I thought. Then I heard an engine behind me, so I turned my head to look. There was a red penguin in black suit, wearing a jetpack just like mine! “Are you the missing penguin?” asked the red penguin with a low voice. “Yes! I’ve been flying all afternoon!” I replied, happy that I had found penguin civilization. “I am Gentoo.” said Gentoo. “Just hold on to me and we will be home in no time!” “Thanks for saving me, Gentoo.” I said, relived. “No problem!” said Gentoo. When we got back to Club Penguin there was a big crowd talking
worriedly. When we got closer I realized they were talking about me! I could hear one of them whispering, “I hope Funguin is found!” The news about me missing must have spread all around Club Penguin! “THERE SHE IS!!” Someone shouted. “I am here safe and sound!” I said when we landed. “YAY!!!!!!!”shouted everyone! Gentoo was the hero and got lots of medals for his good deed. “Three cheers for Gentoo!” I shouted. “HIP hip hurray!” “Hip hip HURRAY!” “HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!!” And in the end I think my wild jetpack adventure was pretty fun!!!


Story by Funguin

Everyone was getting ready.There was tention in the Snow Forts. Finally (it seemed like forever) the enemies, some mean penguins arrived. Rockhopper led are group, and everyone lined up. Shreddude87 said “Let’s go.” Those two words started everything. All the snow ball throwing started. No one could see a foot in front of them because the snow thorwing was that thick. Badger 7 threw the most snow balls. saunt thew the most well made snow balls. zizzlez had the most spirit, he keept on shouting “GO ROCKHOPPER TRACKERS!!!” as I do say so my self was really kicking butt out there too! Ephrem and jshushij were doing the most perfectly aimed snow balls. Rockhopper, was throwing to!!! I looked at the army and thought “Man, I have some pretty cool teammates!” Finally the mean penguin gave up! They are PRETTY wimpy. I, Funguin was proud that we won and even more proud that we won for peace.



Story by saunt

The Legend of the Iceberg

You can only go to the Iceberg through the map.
There was only a penguin named IceyB.
He hated everyone on Club Penguin.
He threw snowballs at everyone.
He saw a hard hat in the clothing catalog. As you should know, if you buy the hard hat and dance, you use a jackhammer. IceyB decided to buy the hard hat. He wanted to annoy every one with its sound. So everwhere he went, he would use the jackhammer. One time, he used it outside the beach. The ice was so thin there, a chunk of it came out, with him on it. The ice suddenly started floating away. The ice eventually driftted to the other side. That’s how the Iceberg came there.
“Uh-oh.” he said.
“I’ll save you!” came the cry of another penguin. He leaped up and jumped on the side of it. The penguin turned over the Iceberg, taking IceyB into it. The penguin who tried to save IceyB was a lifeguard, so he could swim. The lifeguard forgot about IceyB, and swam back to the shore.
Back to IceyB. Now, IceyB was trapped under the ice in the water. He died, but his feet were stuck to the ice. They named the Iceberg after IceyB. Penguins want to tip the Iceberg to find IceyB. The creators of Club Penguin are going to give a big reward to anyone who can get IceyB. But they don’t want anyone to be scared, so they hid the Iceberg. That’s why you can only get there on the map and that’s why it’s not labeled on the map.


Story by Ephrem

Ephrem’s Vacation

There was an evening on club penguin,me and my puffle Houch were thinking about our vacation.we read a lot or books and magazines and then i found that i will go to Rockhopper island! I went to my basement and found my old jet pack,just than I had a guest to my house,it was Funguin.”hello funguin,guess what I’m gonna do?” i said, “what will you do?” asked Funguin.Tomorrow i will go to Rockhopper island!”.”Wow,good luck to you with that”said Funguin. Next morning I took of with Houch to Rockhopper island.It took me and Houch to fly one day and one night,I was really tired. And then I saw some kind of an island and I knew that I was on Rockhopper island. Then I saw the Migrator and I landed on it,Rockhopper was there. Ahoy Ephrem,what are ye doing here?” Rockhopper asked me,Hello Rockhopper I’m here for vacation.I found a hotel to live and it was cool on Rockhopper island.One day Rockhopper told me that there is a treasure hidden in a dragon cave and if I’ll find it,it will be mine.So next day me and Houch went to a dragon cave,we used a rope to get inside.Than I found a little hole inside and I climbed in.I saw a door but it was locked.Than I heard someone roared behind me,i turned around and I saw a big,red,scary dragon.Houch got scared and he hid behind a stone.While I was fighting the dragon someone dropped a huge stone on him.The dragon was dead.I looked up and I saw a penguin.”Hello there,whats your name” I asked,”my name is Saunt, i came from Club Penguin”.”me too” i said. Saunt passed me a little box with a key inside and with that key i was able to open door.When me,Houch and Saunt went inside the room we saw a chest.When i opened it i saw a treasure inside.”i cant believe i found it,thanks to you my friend” I said to Saunt, “your welcome” Saunt said. when we got back to Migrator i showed Rockhopper the treasure i found.”Congratulations matey, ye found it, it will be yers now.”thanks to my new friend Saunt” i said,”Im always glad to help” said Saunt.Finly it was my day to fly back home, just than Rockhopper walked to me and said “I can take ye home if ye want because Im takin Saunt, “ok Rockhopper that sounds Great! So Rockhopper took me,Houch and Saunt back to club penguin and as i found a treasure i bacame rich!



Diary of a Puffle©

Written by Flamer the Puffle

As told to by Shreddude87

This is a puffle diary that my puffle, Flamer will be keeping. Flamer updates the page every week and mentions his favorite things of the week. Also, his friends Ugh and Lucky may write posts or comment to! Here’s a picture of the puffle trio!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Well, my name Flamer and I am a red puffle. My owner is Shreddude87. This week, I was walking around and we went into the Lighthouse. Instead of seeing the average band on the stage, it turned itself into a movie theater! There was popcorn and drinks and candy! And the movie! Wow! The movie was great! It was kinda scary though. I hope there is no such things as Living Evil Sleds. Then we went on a candy hunt! It was so fun! Shreddude even gave me a Halloween cookie! Yum! Well, I guess that’s it. I’ll post again next week. Bye!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today, me and Shred were walking in the Plaza when this huge building type thing appeared in my path. We were going to go inside just to see how this work was going. But when we went up to the door, it made this weird beeping sound, almost like an alien! I got scared, so we left. Rockhopper came back yesterday too, and Yarr and I were looking through the telescope. He taught me how to walk the plank! It was cool. Well, that’s my post this week. Bye!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, today the Stage opened! From a puffle’s perspective, it was huge. and somewhat odd. There were aliens, and astronauts, and robots, and penguins yelling cut, and a UFO, and a screen with the Moon on it, and a yellow puffle on the balconies, and a script, and a dress-up corner, and…….wow. The Stage is awesome. I hope there is more awesome plays from it in the future! Maybe one about puffles? Anyway, Thanks giving is next week, so I decided to list the top 10 things I ,Flamer, are thankful for. I wrote it myself! Look!


Happy Thanksgiving Penguins!

Friday, November 23, 2007

*Flamer is out of town for Thanksgiving, so his friend Ugh is posting this week*

Hello. My name is Ugh. I’ m black puffle. I’m friends with Flamer. He’s busy seeing family for Thanksgiving, so I’m posting today. Well, I’m sure some of you are wondering one of two things. One, who would name their puffle Ugh? And two, how did Western win the surprise party? Well, I don’t know why my owner named me Ugh, or how the party won, but I can take a guess at the second one. The Western party is the oldest party on the list, so people who are pretty old want to see the party return. I myself wanted it, but wanted more decoration. Now I’m not going to pull a Shred and get in a fit, but Club Penguin needs to take it up a notch. The Fall Fair? Awesome. Halloween? Best ever! This party? Errrrrr…… Well, the reason not many people voted the others is one: the Sports party is old, but not as old as the Western party, and two: the pirate party was good, but not as great as parties in the past. Well, that’s this week’s post. Flamer just wanted me to say, if you have any questions to ask him, ask in the comments or email Shred at rockhoppertrackerteam@gmail.com and that he’ll be back next week. Bye for now!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey everyone! I’m back! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did. Now, I wasn’t asked any questions this week, but I have something cool to show you! Puffles have Internet access (oblivious to penguins) and we chat on I.M. Our I.M.s are done on P.I.M: Puffle Instant Messaging! I was on this evening ad wanted to show you a chat room! Here it is! Enjoy!


Puffle Instant Messenger

flamedude54: So, what do you guys think of the yellow puffle comin out?

luckster21: Well, I think it’s good. I’ll have a new friend to play with!

uggerman90: You’re always happy. It will be cool, but what if our owners forget us?

flamedude54: Well, I know Shred would never forget me! I’m I one of his best friends!

uggerman90: just wait and see Flamer.

flamedude54: w/e

luckster21: hey! I’m still here!

uggerman90: sadly

flamedude54: I still can’t believe the penguins haven’t found out about the Internet of the island!

uggerman90: Well, they just care about outfits, and parties, they don’t care I think.

luckster21: Yea… I’m on IceTube right now watching dramatic puffle

flamedude54: lol I love that!

uggerman90: Dun, Dun, DUNNN!

luckster21: lol yea…

flamedude54: oh, yea thx again Ugh for doing the post last week 4 me

uggerman90: np, np

luckster21: guess what I found on pBay

uggerman90: wat?

flamedude54: wat?

luckster21: puffle leg warmers

uggerman90: do we even have legs?

flamedude54: idk

luckster21: well guys, I g2g cya l8r

uggerman90: bibi

flamedude54: l8r dude

luckster21 has left the chat

flamedude54: that stage they built is HUGE!

uggerman90: yea… I had a roll in one of the plays my owner was doing

flamedude54: really? wat?

uggerman90: I played the meteor

flamedude54: lol

flamedude54: im goin on IceTube. I’m watching Shreddude Show episode 2

uggerman90: I liked this weeks show. That war was huge.

flamesrox55 has entered the chat

flamesrox55: hey flamer

flamedude54: flames, get out of my chat!

flamesrox55: why? I want to see what u losers tlk bout

uggerman90: not losers flames

flamedude54: wait… don’t you have math hmwrk to do?

flamesrox55: no…

flamedude54: yes u do! I’m goona tell Shred!

flamesrox55: um… g2g bye losers!

flamesrox55 has left the chat

uggerman90: well, now that that’s taken care of…

flamedude54: yea… the link says he was @ the Coffee Shop with that purple puffle

uggerman90: again?

flamedude54: yea… he REALLY likes her

uggerman90: w/e

flamedude54: yea…

pinky763 has entered the chat

pinky763: hi flamer

flamedude54: oh…..hi pinks…er… how are you doing?

pinky763: im doing good…lonely here in the Pet Shop

flamedude54: oh? um… could I come over?

pinky763: sorry flamer… I’m just getting ready to go to sleep

flamedude54: oh…. ok…

pinky763: bye flamer and bye ugh

uggerman90: humm humm humm humm

pinky763 has left the chat

flamedude54: humm? that’s all u said?

uggerman90: man, I just lost it. she’s really pretty

flamedude54: yea, but u don’t freak out about it!

uggerman90: well, you don’t think shes pretty?

flamedude54: I nevr said that

uggerman90: w/e dude…I g2g

flamedude54: yea, me 2 bye

uggerman90: bi

uggerman90 has left the chat

flamedude54 has left the chat

Well, that’s an average PIM chat! I’ll post some more up! See ya next week!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Hello gang! The reason I haven’t posted as much is because [words incomprehensible]. Well,I hope you forgive me, as I’ve tried to bring back as much [word incomprehensible] as I could, but while searching for [words incomprehensible], you kinda get sidetracked. As I write this in the middle of the dark, lonely cave, I only hope that Shreddude will remember me. This journey I was sent on has been hard enough, but then Flames and his new girlfriend, Bubbles, just made things worse. He apparently [words incomprehensible] and then just left. I have a feeling Bubbles was behind it. I have my laptop, and I’m talking to Ugh and Lucky, who say they’ll try to post every week, and updating you on my journey to [word incomprehensible]. Well, I guess that’s all I can say. I will try to come back as soon as I can, and I hope Shreddude, my buddies, and my fans understand.


Sincerely and truly yours,



Flamer has reached us and says he will return in the New Year, with tales of his amazing and truly stunning journey, as he described above.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hello all! My name is Sunshine, I am a female yellow puffle, and have met Flamer while he went on his adventure to Atlantis. I asked him what was wrong, and he just responded, in an out of breath tone, “Need…to find…..my brother!” Then he began to tell me of the tale. His brother had apparently been manipulated in to leaving Club Penguin and going to a new place, filled with Pet Food, and where you get respect. Flames, feeling pressured, left to Atlantis. How they got there was stunning: Bubbles, blew a huge bubble for the, which they rode in. Flamer found out one night, and he decided to try and find them. He had no bubble, or ice cat, or anything. Suddenly, a brainstorm came to him. He ran to the Sport Shop to see a man named “G” and, while he wasn’t looking, took a jet pack, which enabled him to fly to Atlantis! Finally,…

I’ll take it from here, thanks Sunshine. Hey guys! Merry Christmas! Well, when I finally got to Atlantis, I went to a dark cave, and saw something, which I got scared of. Then,realizing it was a puffle, I went forward. That’s how I met Sunshine, and I was curious to how she was living in a cave. And she had told me the tragic tale. One day, her family had decided to move to Club Penguin. Excited, she began to pack. Well, while she packed, the family left. She never saw her family again, and still lives in the dark cave. I told her, she could move to Club Penguin with me, but after I found Flames and Bubbles. She agreed, and actually helped me find them. They were in a dark cave also, but in somewhat of a hole in the back. Bubbles was asleep, thank Rockhopper, and we were able to find Flames, and to get him to come along. He wanted to stay, and told us to leave, or else. So, we in turn, left. Then, one night, Bubbles went mad, and Flames ran to us, scared. It turned out, she was a were-puffle.

Flamer, can I go next??? Please?????

Ok Lucky.

Cool! Well,…

Hey! I wanna go too!

Why don’t you two take turns, Lucky and Ugh?

*Both nod in agreement*

Ok, I’ll go first. Well, Flames was upset, and Bubbles was going crazy! She would have killed them all, if it weren’t for some calming ideas from Flames. He began to sing a song, and Bubbles began to dance. She nearly tired herself out, but on the last verse, Flames hit a wrong note, and she just got madder. Not knowing what to do, Sunshine stepped up.

Sunshine challenged Bubbles, saying she could beat her at a bubble blowing contest. Angry, Bubbles the were-puffle agreed. Sunshine did blow a nice bubble, but it was no match for an angry purple puffle who gone mad. Showing off, Bubbles went inside her bubble, and as she did, Sunshine pushed her. And she flew, and flew, and flew, until…

She vanished.

Flames, I’m sorry bro.

Don’t be sorry. She had told me she had a problem, and I could never take her out at night, so I should have known. She was meant to be destroyed. Se ran away so she could kill me. If it weren’t for you Flamer, I wouldn’t be here. Thanks guys. Specially you, Sunshine.

No problem.

Well, I think I’ll say what happened next. Well, Sunshine finally came to Club Penguin, and needed to find a place to stay. I had her stay in the Pet Shop with me. She didn’t want to be adopted, but to be found by her family.But no matter how hard all of us looked, including Shred, we couldn’t find her family. Well, we all abandoned hope. Then, one day, a penguin wearing green came in. “Hello dearie,” she had said, smiling, her glasses having a gleam in them. “I’d like to adopt this yellow puffle. My name is Aunt Arctic.” Well, Sunshine loved Aunt Arctic, and went to live with her. She is one of our best friends now, and will be forever.

Thanks Pinks, that’s nice. Well, I guess that’s the post for this week…

Sunshine, would you like to go out sometime?

*All gasp at Flames*

Oh wow, wow … *blushes*sure Flames! I’d love to. Tomorrow at your place?

Sure. It would be my pleasure.

Well, that’s it! That’s the story, and there are now two new lovebirds here! Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!



1. jshushij - November 5, 2007

sry i dont have any stories yet but nice idea 4 a page

2. zizzlez - November 6, 2007

i do

3. zizzlez - November 6, 2007

ok here it is i hope u like it

note:some of these penguins in the story i made up and it is fake

4. zizzlez - November 6, 2007

ok here it is!!

5. Ephrem - November 6, 2007

nice story zizllik

6. Ephrem - November 6, 2007

nice story zizle

7. zizzlez - November 6, 2007

thnx i did it in class

8. Funguin - November 7, 2007

By: Funguin123

It was just another normal day in Club Penguin when, all of the sudden a flying jetpack zoomed by! My friends and I chased after it. We ran past the busy town, and the dock, when the jetpack got slower, without thinking first, I jumped up and grabbed it! I was flying!!!! It was amazing seeing Club Penguin from a birds eye view! It was the prettiest sight I ever saw. I was getting close to Ski Mountain and couldn’t see my friends any more. “Guys I’m up here!!!!” I called. No answer. “Guys?” I whispered, feeling very scared. I was all alone. Then I started to panic. I saw the sun setting and I knew the penguins back were going to be worried. I was cold and hungry. Oh why was I so foolish to hold on to this jetpack? Now if I let go I would fall, and get hurt! I thought. Then I heard an engine behind me, so I turned my head to look. There was a red penguin in black suit, wearing a jetpack just like mine! “Are you the missing penguin?” asked the red penguin with a low voice. “Yes! I’ve been flying all afternoon!” I replied, happy that I had found penguin civilization. “I am Gentoo.” said Gentoo. “Just hold on to me and we will be home in no time!” “Thanks for saving me, Gentoo.” I said, relived. “No problem!” said Gentoo. When we got back to Club Penguin there was a big crowd talking
worriedly. When we got closer I realized they were talking about me! I could hear one of them whispering, “I hope Funguin is found!” The news about me missing must have spread all around Club Penguin! “THERE SHE IS!!” Someone shouted. “I am here safe and sound!” I said when we landed. “YAY!!!!!!!”shouted everyone! Gentoo was the hero and got lots of medals for his good deed. “Three cheers for Gentoo!” I shouted. “HIP hip hurray!” “Hip hip HURRAY!” “HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!!” And in the end I think my wild jetpack adventure was pretty fun!!!

9. zizzlez - November 7, 2007

uhhh y is there 2?

10. saunt - November 9, 2007

yeah. thanks zizzle for not putting me in your story! 😦

11. saunt - November 9, 2007

thanks zizzle. thanks for not putting me in your story! 😦

12. Funguin - November 9, 2007

Everyone was getting ready.There was tention in the Snow Forts. Finally (it seemed like forever) the emenies, some mean penguins arrived. Rockhopper led are group, and everyone lined up. Shreddude87said “Let’s go.” Thoose two words started everything. All the snow ball thorwing started. No one could see a foot in front of them because the snow thorwing was that thick. Badger 7 threw the most snow balls. saunt thew the most well made snow balls. zizzlez had the most spirit, he keept on shouting “GO ROCKHOPPER TRACKERS!!!” as I do say so my self was really kicking butt out there too! Ephrem and jshushij were doing the most perfectly aimed snow balls. Rockhopper, was throwing to!!! I looked at the army and thought “Man, I have some pretty cool teammates!” Finally the mean penguin gave up! They are PRETTY wimpy. I, Funguin was proud that we won and even more proud that we won for peace.


13. zizzlez - November 10, 2007

hey saunt:evil: i had made that story about 3 months ago before i learnde about the site so back off saunt! 👿

14. saunt - November 10, 2007

you back off Zizzle!

15. saunt - November 10, 2007

oh zizzle, your story is horriblle! (no offesnse) becuse who very heard of bazzokas in ClubPenguin. I mean really, penguins dont eat gum!

16. Saunt - November 11, 2007

Oh um rockhoppretracker, could you post a comment aying when and/or if my story will be on this page?

17. zizzlez - November 11, 2007

not a gum a gun der

18. rockhoppertracker - November 11, 2007

saunt it will be on by Tuesday. I’ve been busy, and Im sorry.

19. saunt - November 14, 2007

no offense, but it’s wednesday and my story;s still not here

20. rockhoppertracker - November 14, 2007

sorry saunt! I’ll get it on!

21. jshushij - November 15, 2007

nice stories everyone

22. Saunt - November 15, 2007


23. Ephrem - November 19, 2007

yes zizle, back off!

24. zizzlez - November 19, 2007

huh what the heck do u mean?

25. Ephrem - November 19, 2007

saunt told ye to back off (question 14)

26. jshushij - November 19, 2007

come on break it up

27. Ephrem - November 19, 2007

my story is still not on?

28. Ephrem - November 20, 2007

when will you put my story on?

29. Ephrem - November 22, 2007

yay my story is on

30. Ephrem - November 22, 2007

saunt and funguin,
have you guys guessed why did i putted you in my story?

31. Funguin - November 22, 2007

THANKS FOR PUTTING ME IN YOUR STORY, EPHREM!!!!! 🙂 I have no idea y u did. lol. thanks!!

32. Ephrem - November 23, 2007

your welcome funguin 😀

33. Ephrem - November 23, 2007

and i did because you and saunt respected me,if anyone else respects me will get into my next story too!

P.S this means you zizzle! 😀

34. jshushij - November 23, 2007

nice stories. im not good at thinking of ideas so i may not be able to make one

p.s. i love ur story ephrem

35. jshushij - November 23, 2007

nice job ephrem i like ur story

36. Ephrem - November 23, 2007


37. Ephrem - November 23, 2007

sorry, i forgot to turn off the capslock so im not yelling

38. jshushij - November 24, 2007

its ok it happens to people

39. zizzlez - November 25, 2007

whats craklakin?

40. Ephrem - November 26, 2007

i think my next story will be posted on Tuesday

P.S jshushij,keep your eyes open

41. Ephrem - November 28, 2007

are we allowed to write more than one story?
Shred: Yes

42. jshushij - November 28, 2007

oh thanks ephrem

43. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007

A long time ago, Ninjas ruled the land we now call club penguin. All the penguins were ninjas. A Ninjguin (what they called ninja penguins), they called “Iced Beak” (they just call him beak for short) was a new member to the island of the ninja town. He was in training, and soon he got such a high rank of ninja that he was granted a fire ninja sword. However, this huge group of ninjas were peaceful, but not all ninjas, the red ninja nation was evil and always trying to destroy the black ninjas that lived in the ninja town. one day, the red ninjas attacked as they usually do and beak was helping fight. They had more reinforcements than EVER. it was like a pack of rampaging elephants! Beak fought and fought trying to defend his land. The leader of the red ninjas, they called SLASH was fighting beak! Well, I’ll tell ya beak was an AWESOME fighter and SLASH was coming twards beak to fight! Beak took his best shot and litterally chucked his fire sword at SLASH. It was a pretty good shot if you ask me it cut slash’s head off but the bad part was one of the red ninjas caught his sword and set the whole town on fire!! The only remaining room was the dojo located in the mountains. It is said that iced beak still roams around club penguin with his fire sword, the red ninjas are said to be still hiding somewhere far from club penguin. there are very few black ninjas left and it is said that if you spot one of the remaining ninjas, follow it to the new ninja village which is hidden VERY far away.
I hope you liked my story. Just copy and paste it onto your page.

44. Ephrem - November 29, 2007

ok, ill write more

45. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007

you should make this a page! i loved reading these stories!

46. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007

oops, this is a page I didnt see it on the tabs

47. jshushij - November 29, 2007

its ok and why do you call yourself r2dp?

48. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007

its short for R2dpenguin66 jshushij

49. Ephrem - November 29, 2007

how many days does it takes to post a story?

50. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007


51. Ephrem - November 29, 2007

one day? mine took 4 days

52. Ephrem - December 2, 2007

story by Ephrem
Ephremboy and the Evil Jester

Ephremboy was the famous superhero on Club Penguin, he had a secret cave to live in and he had a faithful butler called jshushij. But there once was a penguin that lived in Club Penguin wilderness, his name was Evil Jester, he had a worm-helper named Curly . One time Curly got back to Evil Jester’s House. “Oh, Curly you’re returned , tell me what did you learned” said the Evil Jester. Curly told him, “Club Penguin is a good place to take over, but they have a defender called Ephremboy” said Curly. ” Oh no, not Ephremboy! what is his weakness?” asked Evil Jester, ” I spy ed on him, he likes chocolate! ” said Curly. “Perfect, ill take a visit to Ephremboy and you wait here” said Evil Jester, ” are you going to kill him?” asked Curly. “Silly worm, I’m a temptation” said Evil Jester and than he left over to Ephrem cave. That time Ephremboy was taking the exercise on his running body-builder and jshushij helped “One, two, three, four, one two three four” jshushij kept saying. ” Ok master Ephrem, Ill do faster now. jshushij made the running body-builder going faster, “One and two and three and four, one and two and three and four” jshushij said faster. ” Help! Stop it!” Ephremboy cried and fell out of the running body-builder. ” No energy, need chocolate” said Ephremboy, ” to the bench press” said jshushij. So Ephremboy went to the bench press and started lifting up the barbell. “four more” said jshushij, ” a little help please!” Ephremboy cried. “you need more water master Ephrem” said jshushij, “Yeah I’m really thirsty”, said Ephremboy, “four more” jshushij said again. “I CANT DO THIS!” Ephremboy said. So jshushij walked to Ephremboy, “come on master Ephrem, push” said jshushij and the barbell fell on him, jshushij fell on a floor. ” wow jshushij you right, I am starting to feel better” said Ephremboy, just then he saw jshushij was gone, “jshushij?” said Ephremboy. Just than jshushij was taking a trip to the library, “master Ephrem, beware of the chocolate temptation”, “don’t worry jshushij, I’m stronger than a temptation, I am a superhero ” said Ephrem. And jshushij left. Just that time Evil Jester was walking on the road and he got almost squashed by jshushij’s scooter. “Hey, I’m walking here!” yelled Evil Jester, “Oh please sir, use the side walk!” jshushij yelled back. Ephremboy was skipping with his skipping rope and that time someone ringed a door-bell, Ephremboy turned on the computer, it was an Evil Jester. “Hello, jshushij said someone named Ephremboy needs some assistance?, “Well you can tell jshushij that Ephremboy is a superhero, he doesn’t needs help”, Ok, tan let me leave you card with you” said Evil Jester. “Hmmm, where did I put those, maybe its under the chocolate” said Evil Jester, “Did you say chocolate?” asked Ephremboy, “yes chocolate”. Evil Jester took the chocolate out of his purse. “promise not to tell anyone about my secret cave?” asked Ephremboy, “Cross my heart” said Evil Jester, “ok come in, ill be right… …no Ephremboy will be right with you. When Evil Jester was in he showed him his chocolate. “oh, where are my manners, care for a bite?” asked Evil Jester, “No thanks I promised jshushij to eschew chocolate,” wow, very wise plan” said Evil Jester. “ Imagine if there would be a museum of chocolate?” said Evil Jester, “ the museum of chocolate?”. Just than Evil Jester pressed a button on his remote and the Ephrem cave turned into the chocolate room. “ welcome lady and gentlemen to a chocolate room!” said Evil Jester. “WOW! TIME TO GO SWIMMING!!!” Ephremboy said and than he jumped in the chocolate water. When jshushij returned to Ephem cave he was surprised that instead of Ephrem cave there was an chocolate room, than jshushij saw Ephremboy laid in a chocolate water drinking a chocolate. “ Oh no, master Ephrem you have been lead in the chocolate temptation!” said jshushij. “yes, it was me” someone said behind him. Jshushij turned around and saw the Evil Jester! “who let you in?!” jshushij yelled, “well your superhero friend let me in” said Evil Jester. Evil Jester tied jshushij around the wall and walked to the exit. “ta-ta boys, I have a nice surprise for Club Penguin” said Evil Jester and than he left. “Welcome back boss, any luck?” asked Curly when Evil Jester was back home. “ Yes, Ephremboy is in temptation and we can begin, first Club Penguin than the world!” said Evil Jester. “Yes, the world will be ours!” said Curly. Just than Evil Jester took out the knife and pointed it in Curly. “ I mean the world will be yours boss” said Curly, “that’s better, Curly, prepare the robots we are going to attack right now!” said Evil Jester, “yes boss” said Curly. That time in the Ephrem cave Ephremboy was still drinking the chocolate, “master Ephrem the world needs a hero” said jshushij. “A hero? I am, I-AM-THAT-HERO!” Ephremboy cried. He got out of the chocolate temptation and freed jshushij. “Thanks for your help buddy” said Jshushij. “come on master Ephrem you must go hurry or Club Penguin will be doomed!” said jshushij. So that time Ephremboy left for the rescue. That time Evil Jester and Curly were destroying Club Penguin with their two mighty robots. “Perfect, were almost done” said Evil Jester, “Yes boss” said Curly. “Hold it right there Evil Jester!” Ephremboy said.” Oh Ephremboy I see you got out of the chocolate temptation, get him Robots!” said Evil Jester. But Ephremboy easily destroyed them. Evil Jester and Curly fell on the ground.
“I see you are powerful enough, ill just have to deal with you myself” said Evil Jester. And that was a long fight. And than… “AARRRGGHHH!” Ephremboy cried. Ephremboy kicked Evil Jester too strong that Evil Jester flied to the building and the huge brick fell right on his head, and then the Evil Jester was dead! Afler that Ephremboy grabbed Curly and walked to the police officer. “Officer, arrest this worm” said Ephremboy, “what is the charge?” asked the police officer, “for helping the Evil Jester to destroy the world” said Ephremboy. Now Curly is arrested and sent to jail and Ephremboy saved Club Penguin from terrible evil!


53. Ephrem - December 2, 2007

hope you guys like it, it took me 3 hours to write this story

54. zizzlez - December 2, 2007

wow thats longer than mine lol good job dude!!!!

55. Ephrem - December 2, 2007

thanks 😀

56. jshushij - December 3, 2007

thanks for putting me in iti like the story its creative

57. Ephrem - December 3, 2007

that was nothing

58. CyberGuy30 - December 3, 2007

Wait a minute, i thought you banned Saunt from the site. If you did, shouldn’t you remove his story?

59. Ephrem - December 3, 2007

just ignore saunt

60. Ephrem - December 4, 2007

characters of “Ephremboy and the Evil Jester”

Evil Jester- Ephremboy’s worst villain
jshushij- Ephremboy’s buttler
Curly-Evil Jester’s worm-helper

61. jshushij - December 4, 2007

oh and its a great story but it gets kind of weird when i say yes master ephrem all the time

62. Ephrem - December 4, 2007

Ephremboy’ butler says like that

63. jshushij - December 4, 2007

ok im fine with that

64. Ephrem - December 6, 2007

i wish i didn’t put saunt in the “Ephrem’s Vacation” 👿

65. jshushij - December 6, 2007

its fine you didnt know then

66. *~{Stellar}~* - December 14, 2007

I am writing some fan fiction right now…. it would take alot of this page up though… 😆 😉

67. Ephrem - December 26, 2007

story by Ephrem
Ephrem’s Christmas
There was a Christmas on Club Penguin so me and my blue puffle Houch were decorating our igloo for Christmas. “This is going to be fun Houch!” i said, but Houch was sitting on his bed quietly. finally whole igloo was finished but than someone knocked the door, it was my friend Zizzle Z. “Hello Ephrem, are you going for a party?” asked zizzle, “what party?” i asked, “Shred is having a Christmas party, remember?” said zizzle, “Oh yes, I’m coming. So me, Houch and Zizzle went to the snow forts where the party was starting. “Hello Ephrem, Hello zizzle, I’m so glad you came!” said Shreddude, yeah we’re glad too Shred!” i said, Houch and Zizzle smiled, There was Funguin,Saunt,Jshushij,Badger7,CrazyCartoon,Zizzle,Houch and me! “Alright everyone,its party time!” said Badger7, and we all had so much fun! We had a snowball fight, games, Dance and we were having an apple pie that Funguin has brought. “I do really like pie!” she said, “yeah, me too!” said Saunt and Jshushij at the same time, “Thank you Funguin, this pie is awesome!” said CrazyCartoon. But Houch didn’t want to eat. “He’s little hungry because I gave him a lot of puffle os today”, “He’ll be fine with that Ephrem” said Badger7. After that the party was over we all went home, by the way it was getting dark already. “Ephrem, you want to come over for a cup of tea?” Zizzle asked me, “yeah sure, I’d love too!” I said and than I went to Zizzle Z’s igloo for some tea. “Ahhh, that tea is good, you’re good in making tea Zizzle” I said, “thanks Ephrem”. “Oh my, its nine o clock, I must be home, see ya later zizzle” I said, “you too, thanks for visiting” said zizzle. Than I went home. Before I was going to sleep I have been left milk and cookies for Santa Claus. “Alright Houch everything is ready” I said, than I made my bed, “good night Houch” I said and than I turned off the lights. But than Houch woke up in the night and and he saw a penguin in red, it was a real Santa penguin! “Hello Houch, Merry Christmas” he said but Houch just never minded him. Than Santa ate milk and cookies and said “Ok Houch, its time for me to go, HO HO HO! “ said Santa and than he left. Morning time I was awake, “Merry Christmas Houch!” I said and I saw the milk and cookies were gone. “Santa was here Houch, I knew that! Than someone has knocked the door, so I opened it and there was just a present. So I took it inside and it said: To: Ephrem from: Zizzle Z, than I opened the present and it was an Ephrem watch. So I thought where could he get them? And I knew that I may trust Zizzle Z for now and once again MERRY CHRISTMAS!

68. jshushij - December 27, 2007

nice story. did you put up decorations?

69. Ephrem - December 28, 2007

yup, up on my Christmas tree, you’ll see that if you will come to my igloo but remember! im taking those decorations away when Christmas will be over!

70. jshushij - December 28, 2007

oh i missed it!

71. zizzlez - December 28, 2007

lol i toatly forgot about this page!

72. Steeboh - January 2, 2008

hey can i do a story???

73. Hawk - January 2, 2008

heres two storys but there not in a series.

Silver Cobra Santa Christmas Rescue

It started out a good day, but then it turned bad, I’ll tell you what happened, once there was a penguin named silver cobra, and he was VERY VERY popular, as everybody liked him. Once he was downtown with a friend, and his friend read a newspaper named the silver cobra times, and he said that it said Santa might have to cancel Christmas, so silver cobra went up to the north pole, but it was far away, as he was by the south pole, so first he used a snow truck. On the snow truck, silver cobra thought he saw flashes of black, but he guessed it was some geese, that took the wrong path, but eventually a ninja penguin jumped into the truck and he fought it off with his samurai skill, and he thought that was the end but ninjas put holes in the tires making it hit a rock and explode up into the sky, and taking the driver, he jumped out set the driver on the ground, and jumping up in the air, fighting the other four ninjas in a sky battle. He took the driver to safety, and renting some snowshoes started walking across the snow. But he was walking across the Himalayas, home of the legendary Yeti. Never fearing, silver cobra kept on. But then the Yeti jumped out of nowhere, and silver cobra seeing this monster was hostile, took him on using his karate skill. “Awkward” he thought ” Why would he attack me, I didn’t attack him” but he kept on going eventually reaching a town, where he mailed back the snow shoes and renting some skis, and a driver and a speed boat, since there was only water ahead. While he skied, there was a man on a island he saw, that was about to die, so he went over there, but all he said before dieing was “Beware the Dark Pirates!” He asked the driver about it, but he said he didn’t know. But silver cobra looked at the face but saw that he just didn’t want to tell, and they just went on. But eventually they reached a Pirate Boat. Instead of driving forward the driver went toward that Pirate Boat, and then silver cobra thought, “why would he do that?” and then he gasped as it came to him. He yelled at the driver, “You’re a Dark Pirate!” And the driver said, “ A very smart penguin you are, aren’t you?” Then silver cobra took control of the boat and drived away from the Pirate Boat, thinking to himself “why are they all trying to kill me?” So he asked a person from the nearby town to take the speedboat back. And then he rented a land rover, and started across the country. Then a man in a military uniform stepped into silver cobras path. Silver Cobra said, “Get out of the way please.” But he said, “Terminate silver cobra.” Then many more came out all saying the same phrase. They marched on to him boxing him in. He said “What the-! Why are you all trying to kill me?!?!?!” He fought them all off using his judo skill. And then he saw a person and asked if he could return the Land Rover. Then he walked on eventually seeing a magic portal, going through found himself at the North Pole. He saw Santa, and his elves, outside the workshop. He asked, “What happened?” Santa said, “ We were making goblin toys, when all of a sudden a lighting strike affected the toys making them get up and attack us, driving us out.” Then silver cobra said “I’ll fight them for you.” And he did. It appeared that the head goblin had known he was coming, so he put a bounty on Silver Cobra’s head. Which made Santa make silver cobra a temporary Head Elf, which meant that he accompanied Santa on his Christmas trip, and put presents down for the pets. Silver Cobra said thank you to Santa, and Santa took him to the South Pole where he was given the Best Penguin Ever Medal.

The End

The Haunting of Phoenix Castle

A short story by Thomas Seaver
Chapter 1
The Arrival
It had been a normal day for 10 year old Maria Forage. The usual beating up by the school bully, 14 year old Steve Rain, but most people called him Steve the Pain. Her mom said, “Lights out honey!”. As She was falling asleep, Maria thought to herself, I wish I could be someplace else, where Steve couldn’t get me. Next morning, her father was down first as usual. Everybody was down at 7:00 A.M., unusual since this was Saturday. But then she remembered, her father had woken her up last night, saying that they were going to go to Phoenix Castle, her grand father’s estate. “Hi Maria! Have a donut! But after it get ready!” Said her father. Soon everybody was ready. In the car, Maria smiled. Maria loved going to her grand father’s, because his castle was right by the sea, and she loved looking for seashells. She already had several different kinds. But as she got there, she saw a boy with her great uncle, as she got closer her smile faded, because the boy was Steve the Pain!

Chapter 2
The relationship

“Well if it isn’t Maria Forage!” Steve says. “Steve?!?! Why are you here? Her grand father, Sam Forage, said “You two know each other?” “He’s my school bully!” Maria exclaims. Steve says, “ I just hit you out in dodge ball every now and then, but what’s the harm in that?” Sam explains to them, that he had two children, and since the wife had kept her last name that she was born with, Rain, one of them had the last name Rain, and the other had the other last name, Forage. So they were actually cousins. “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” They both screamed. Sam said, “Well, that’s how it is.

Chapter 3
She finds the ghosts

Maria tried to sleep, but couldn’t, with the creaks and bends coming from the house. She had heard her uncle say to Steve that it wasn’t ghosts, and he had told her it was just the house settling, but she didn’t believe him. She sensed a presence in the house, she just didn’t know where it was. She started walking through the house, but suddenly she thought she saw a flash of blue hair go around the corner, chasing it, she kept seeing more and more, as if it was slowing down, but then figured out it was just more of whatever it was but then she caught it in a corner, but it disappeared into the wall, Ghosts! she thought. How will Steve be surprised! She thought. Just if I can get them on my side, she thought.

Chapter 4

She gets the ghosts

Maria searched the halls tomorrow, trying to find the ghosts, in the morning, she had talked to her uncle, saying that she had found the ghosts and wanted to meet them, her uncle, sighing, said if you want to meet them, just shout, Operator give me line nine! Maria shouted it, all over the castle until she eventually met them all. There were five of them, a modern day pirate, a operator, a bird, a burglar , and a child. They all had a connection with each others death, they all had died in the same year, all at Phoenix Castle. The child had been playing video games, had plugged one plug to many and had accidentally electrified herself. The burglar who was in the other room thinking every one was asleep, was trying to get the operator to give him the ware house number he was leaving his stolen items. The phone plug connected to the generator, sending a shock up the phone line and into the phone, killing the operator as well as the burglar, the whole phone line got a shock, so the bird died because he was on the line, falling down on the pirate he went down headfirst, his sharp beak in front it went straight in to the pirate, killing him. Maria talked to the ghosts, telling them about Steve’s antics, and fear of ghosts, the ghosts agreed to her plan.

Chapter 5
Maria’s plan

First the casual stuff happened, things floating in midair then stopping, when someone got called, bloodcurdling screams, stuff like that, but then it got intense. It got worse and worse each night until on the last night of their stay, each ghost pulled out everything they had, each exclaiming their own special talents. When everybody was up, Steve was as blank as a sheet, at the slightest movements, he would exclaim, “GHOSTSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” And run off and hide. And would take hours of search to find him. And when they got back to school, Maria, as well as her friends, were never touched again by Steve, so Maria easily became the most popular girl in school.

The end

74. Ephrem - January 2, 2008


75. steeboh - January 3, 2008

The Legend of the Ninjas:Part 1
Every penguin knows the legend of the ninjas but one penguin didn’t think it was true…
Fridga 8 rushed into Fizzykins igloo and shouted”Whatcha talking ‘ bout?” Steeboh sighed and said “we were talking about the legend of the ninjas.”Fridga scoffed”There’s no such thing. your’e talking rubbish!!”Fizzykins asked”anyway, whaddya want???” Fridga happily shouted” i want to go to the ‘berg!!” what for was the answer. “to tip it of course” he said.
End of part one. be back later like tomorrow

76. jshushij - January 4, 2008

nice guys

77. Ephrem - January 4, 2008

i’ll write more stories

78. jshushij - January 4, 2008

ok cant wait

79. Ephrem - January 4, 2008

im writing it now

80. jshushij - January 4, 2008


81. Ephrem - January 4, 2008

youre on?

82. Ephrem - January 4, 2008

well im busy right now

83. steeboh - January 5, 2008

i based the story on my friends and a myth i heard!!

84. rockhopper - January 5, 2008

the top story isn’t true i do so not have guns and bad wepons!!!

85. zizzlez - January 5, 2008

HEY THAT MY WAS MY STORY AND ITS FICTION! u dont like me story 😦 😦 😦 😦

86. zizzlez - January 5, 2008

😦 😦 😦

87. rockhopper - January 5, 2008

oh sorry zizzelz i didn’t know it was yours but i am not saying i dan’t like it i like it relly i like it i wasn’t saying i hate it i love it ok

88. rockhopper - January 5, 2008

i was saying i never relly did that but next time i come ill be sure to do it so your story comes true ok i am being nice to you right

89. zizzlez - January 6, 2008

well..u dont have to do that i mean seircly wars are for fun!

90. jshushij - January 6, 2008

wars are for fun… explain that to the world wars…

91. zizzlez - January 6, 2008

i ment cp!

92. jshushij - January 8, 2008

oh ok

93. Ephrem - January 10, 2008

rockhopper is going to focus on zizzle! thats silly!

94. steeboh - January 11, 2008

i will write more of my story when i find my sketch pad. it has all the story in.

95. liam199 - January 12, 2008

hey can i join your army my name is campbellio and i would like it if i could i am a member and i can h=get any of the clothes i nedd
and i am really strong and i have my own site and i can addversise your site on mine my site is http://www.campbellio.wordpress.com

96. zizzlez - January 12, 2008

hes not a member!

97. liam199 - January 12, 2008

yes i am i just made a member account i promise

98. ninja - January 28, 2008

how do you make a story?

99. plopdhd - February 2, 2008

i vote for shreddude87!!

100. tails6000 - July 10, 2008

super paper tails
prolouge where am I!

at flipside

tails:ok to chapter 1 of world 1
*door opens to line land*

tails:wow its like a mario game but in paper
*jumps on goomba,hits block gets mushroom*
tails:wow i have energy from it ok on to the house
bestovus:you wish to learn to flip dimensions it will be tought to the legendary hero which you are
bestovus:*does magic*
*tails learned to flip into 3-d*
tails:ok lets go!
*tails flips 3-d,goes in door*
tails:a star
*grabs it*
tails:ok whats happening woah im pixel again oh well its fun
*makes it to door*
tails:*goes in door*i wonder where i am now
to be continued…

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