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The Lounge©

Here’s a place where you can talk about anything! Well, just not…

You can advertise here, but only here! Also, check out our new library, and our new Vending Machine! Have fun!



1. Steeboh - January 2, 2008
2. jshushij - January 4, 2008
3. steeboh - January 5, 2008

go on my site(the top one)and leave me a gift. on the holidays and stuff like that page

4. iyapot - January 11, 2008

i think this lounge is kinda a bad idea that you gonna say advertising is allowed but no on is talking anymore the lounge will be outta use ya know?

5. steeboh - January 11, 2008

i talk on here

6. Pengu 630 - January 20, 2008

where is your chatbox?

7. jshushij - January 20, 2008

in the blogroll

8. craziplayer - January 24, 2008


9. lilword4eva - January 30, 2008

any body on club peguin meet me at sever mamoth and at the night club im lilword4eva

10. puppyscruffy - January 31, 2008

Please go to http://scruffies.wordpress.com to get your special stuffed animal a scruffy today!

P.S. Good site Rockhoppertracker!

11. Ephrem - February 1, 2008

but how do people walking on the wall in the lighthouse?

12. jshushij - February 7, 2008

oh i know how to walk on walls in the lighthouse and on the beacon lightbulb! ill post it on the cheat page

please update the cheat page shred

13. Boggs, The Fun Loving Penguin - February 11, 2008
14. creamfan2 - February 19, 2008

hi shreddude87! i was wondering if i could use puffle IM for da cream puffs page 🙂

ps. visit http://creamfan2.wordpress.com/ today! and dont forget to vote for me in TPOA! http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com/

Shred: Sure! BTW, you can call me Shred.

15. silvercobra - February 22, 2008

Can I use The Lounge as a page for my site.It will be WAY different,but if you say no then that’s fine.

Shred: Go ahead!

16. lilword4evasclubpenguinhelper - April 5, 2008

HELLO EVERYONE COME VISIT MY SITE ITS lilword4evasclubpenguinhelper.WORDPRESS.COM THANKS 1000000000

17. the tester2 - July 19, 2008

i know wer rocky is he is on the pirate ship on the server momoth i saw him

18. animalbook - July 22, 2008

hi shred

I got a new site. Im looking for helpers who post regularly and if ya wanna help then just say. http://www.steebohscpstuff.wordpress.com


Ps.im a girl

19. Chase - August 28, 2008
20. WeTmAn91 - October 23, 2008

http://www.youtube.com/starfishingpole my youtube channel plz send me your rare password there

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