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Boiler Room

You open the Boiler Room and get out this week’s newest newspaper. You read the headline:


Curious, you begin to read.

An odd creature? That’s what some penguins are saying! Since last week, many penguins have been sighting shadows of a very strange creature. “It looks like a duck and a beaver mixed,” said one penguin. “I’m not sure what party’s going on, but I’m sure this isn’t apart of it!” We ask Billybob what’s going on. “We’re not sure what’s happening,” Billybob admits. “We’ve tried to calm penguins. This is like the polar bear incident all over again. We’ll be using our agents to discover what this is. Rest assure, everything’s fine.” From all of us here at the Penguin Times, we sure hope so!

Hmmm…..could this have anything to do with Charm? You look under the article, and there’s a note written there:

Help me! Come to Cave!

You don’t know what’s going on, but you have an urge to go to the Cave.



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