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1: Missing Charm

You walk through the SSS doors. You just received a call to come quickly. There, you meet TT, and he begins to talk.

TT: Hello agent! Yes, I do speak English. Now, Shred has left for vacation and you have been selected to puffle-sit his puffles. He has seven of them. There’s TickTock, Charm, Paints, Freezy, Buddy, Caged, and Flamer. You just need to feed them, bathe them, play with them, and all other stuff. It’s a pretty easy mission for a newcomer. Think you can do it?

You nod your head.

TT: Great! Now here’s what you’ll need. This is a must; the puffle translator. They don’t speak English, only some puffles can, so you will use this if you need to talk to a puffle. The password for using the puffle translator is: pufflishwords5. You got that? Ok, well I guess that’s it! Good luck agent!

You use your spy phone and teleport Shred’s Igloo.


call for help: dialsos123

laser: ouchitburns

wrench: loosenthebolt456



1. lavaster - April 3, 2008

TT looks creepy

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