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Shred’s Secret Service©


You walk through Club Penguin’s Pizza Parlor for a game of Hide and Seek. Hiding behind the oven, you see a door. Curious, you step toward it. It automatically opens. Inside are a bazillion flat screens, a few puffles, Billybob, Screenhog, and rsnail. You see a penguin in the color lime green, who appears to be moderating everything. You step forward and ask him where you are.

Penguin: Good gracious! Who are you?

You tell the penguin your name.

Penguin: Well, while you’re here, you might as well be useful. Hello, you can call me S. This is the Shred Secret Service. we protect Club Penguin, kinda like the PSA, but more secret, and more useful. You can help by taking missions and save Club Penguin from disasters! Here is where you can be at your best.

You are amazed at all of this. You ask S if this has been here long.

S: About a year I’d say. We are here to help, and Club Penguin needs us, so get to work!

You scurry off, getting on your sunglasses, and getting ready to save the world Club Penguin.


This is T T, the puffle agent. He’ll be one of the first to greet you usually besides S.




1. Ephrem - February 8, 2008

how would i know the password?

SHRED: You don’t that’s the point because it’s not opened yet!

2. Ephrem - February 10, 2008

thanks for letting me know

3. penguin - February 10, 2008

shred e-mail me at theojoyce@cogeco.ca a password to get on shred’s secret service ok?

Shred: Uh…no. Just wait till it opens.

4. Shred - February 18, 2008


5. Saunt - February 22, 2008

for some reason, the password thing doesn’t work, even though the mission is open

6. shred - February 25, 2008

i will buy you all ponies!

Shred: Why thank you me!

7. rockhopper - February 25, 2008

😦 🙂 😦 🙂 so i bet the shred who said i will buy you all ponies! is a fack!

Funguin: Ur right, it is a fake. ITS YOU! You have the same IP!

Shred: Two things; one, you’re now blacklisted and two what the heck’s a fack?

8. jshushij - February 26, 2008

fake rockhopper, fake shred, fake regular penguin, WHO ARE YOU. my guess is on cambiella, lili, or joey

9. Ephrem - February 26, 2008


10. creamfan2 - October 8, 2008

“and more useful” LOLL

11. GigsDx - October 20, 2008

Only That?

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