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Weird… May 11, 2008

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Okay, things are weird on Cp. There is an encore (the play is repeated) of Twelfth Fish, which I hated. Also there is a new pin that doesn’t make sense now. Thats all! No super-cool-new-thing. Back to the pin…

Its at the coffee shop and its…

A goblet?

I guess it has to do with the mid-evil party thing. I hope the party will be cool, it sounds cool!!!!



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Huge Post that is a lot of posts! May 5, 2008

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Um, sorry. I’m updating now again! YAYAYAYAYAY!

First off, sorry im late, its just that the last few days ive been SO busy!

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new catalog!!!!! Thank you CP! -D

Wonderful pages of kings, queens, knights, and dragons. In 1 word: AWESOME!!! AND i love the blacksmith thing, that when you dance (or wave, im not sure) you hit some steel thing. IT ROCKS!

Also, there is the wig catalog.

It’s pretty cool, I like the sidetied too. The firestriker looks pretty cool.

CP is getting much better! YAY

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To get Rockhoppers key, you go to the Book Room, open his journal and turn to the last page and TA DA! The key!

Then go to the migator and…

(click 2 enlarge)

Its pretty cool! There is also a new game called Treasure Hunt, which idk how to play yet!

Thats it

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Alright, the ‘Rockhopper and Yarr’s Arr-ival Parr-ty’ was a lot like The pirate party, as i predicted. The party wasn’t exactly a flop, i liked 1 of the free items, and i bet Monday is going to be a blast (the key thing)!

The free items!

Don’t those rock? I love em! They are at the beach, and i think they have been there since thursday…? Here are the other RH items that i dont like:

Also, a repeated item in the Plaza!

And the pin!


Dig (click) and TA DA!

Alas, the pin!

Now, the sports catalog!

Its just baseball stuff, blah blah blah

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Mission 7 is out! I like it, it is pretty hard!!!!!!



Test chamber is very important

Even things that have holes, but are red and white still work 4 targets

Good snow at Snow Forts

Talented Yellow puffles


I gave you 2 many hints!!!!!! It is a pretty hard mission

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Well there are new postcards *yawn* lol, but really how boring is that?

Now, the fun stuff! There is a new furniture catalog and new igloo design!

Love love love love love it! Nice garden stuff, cool plants, personally i like the theme of it!

OMG!!!!!! U CAN HAVE A BACKYARD! Or, u can choose to just have a ‘Phony-Lawn’ flooring!!!!

I like what im seein CP!

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Again, I repeat I am so sorry, and might make it up 2 u with a PARTY! Plz tell some ideas!

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New Catalog (lol idk if i spelled that right) April 5, 2008

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(click 2 enlarge)

I personally love the new catalog, i mean how can u resist the smiley tie! I bought it! lol! U can also get  a CHEEZ tie if u click the mouth of the pengy holding the tie! I bought that 2 lol! Also, The really like the Yellow Sundress and Pink Purse! TheResuce Squad thing is new at least. Thats all the new stuffz 2day.

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April Fools Day Party! March 29, 2008

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Okay, so there is a pretty cool April Fools Day Party on Cp. Im kinda dissapionted with some repeated rooms (dojo) and a repeated item (i didnt have it, but it was really rare). Other than that, it was pretty cool. There are 2 free items!

The first 1 is the Red Propellor Cap! Its at the Ski Village!


(click 2 enlarge)

The 2nd one is the Swirly Glasses! Its at the Cove!


(click 2 enlarge)

Also, at the Mine if you connect all the lines on the Mine, you get the pin, a crayon!


I like some of the funky rooms (coffee shop) but im very dissapionted with the Dance Club! All the difference is that its pixely and plays different music! The free item were pretty cool, so i rate it a… 5.5/10

u no i ♥ pie


PS: Do u have any suggestions 4 me? Plz tell if so!

Easter Egg Hunt! March 21, 2008

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Okay,  its a lot like last years. There is an easter egg hunt! D

Egg #1: It’s in the mine!


Egg #2: Its at the dock!


Egg #3: Its at the pet shop!


Egg#4: Its in the Book Room!


Egg #5: Its at the gift shop!


Egg #6: Its at the plaza!


Egg #7: Its at the lodge attic!

Egg #8: Its at the dojo!


(it moves around the dojo, so its hard to get!)

Thats the last egg!


The prize is…



Also, about the party: The are no decorations! All there is, is the egg hunt. ( Id rate 3/10 because seriously if your done the egg hunt its just plain boring!

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OMG March 18, 2008

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Well, its me Funguin and guess what I just heard! I’ll show u!

[17:36] Shred: BTW
[17:36] Shred: brady doesnt want my sitw
[17:36] Shred: site*
[17:36] Funguin: oh
[17:36] Shred: so
[17:36] Shred: its urs
[17:36] Funguin: omg
[17:37] Shred: congrats
[17:37] Funguin:
[17:37] Funguin:
[17:37] Shred:

So… its mine! WOW! Ive loved this site and now…. Woah! So, um yayerz! HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! 😀 MORE HAPPY DANCE! Yay, yay, and yay!

u no i ♥ pie


Thank You All March 9, 2008

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Look, no “Ahoy Mateys”. I had really enjoyed CP blogging. Really, I did. But then, there comes a time where after 8 months of pretty much 30,00 views and working so hard, there’s blood and sweat on every post you do, you want to stop.

I want to stop.

I have really enjoyed this site, but it’s time to move on. I’m leaving this site to Brady and Funguin, since they’re friends.After I teach Brady things, like how to make polls, and take screen shots (hey, he’s new) then I’ll log out for good. I’m sorry to those who loved my site, but it’s time to move on. In the words of Emtek:


Blogging practically for eight months can’t be done without help, and I’d like to take the time to thank some people.

  • Emtek77, for helping me start my blog
  • Funguin, for being a great admin
  • Ephrem, Zizzle Z, Saunt, jshushij, and Ben166 for commenting alway, you guys rock
  • My great staff, who I have to applaud
  • Those who said I couldn’t do it, I did it
  • That person who pretended to be many people, I now know how to blacklist thanks to you
  • So many more people, I’ll try to list: Snow949, Rattybor, Creamfan2, Alex AKA Cppd Officer, and so, so many more
  • My parents who let me have this blog and always encouraged me
  • WordPress, for supporting my blog
  • Everyone who ever viewed this blog, we couldn’t have done this without you
  • You, for reading this, and hopefully respecting my decision
  • If you’ve stuck with me until the very end, and it’s now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • My puffles, who love me sooo much
  • Elmo, for obvious reasons

Well, what’s to happen of your buddy Shred? I’m not sure. I may start a fun blog, as Emtek has, and I may make it fun. That’ll be great, and I’ll post the link if I ever make it.


It’s been great, and I hope all of you the best.

Comment saying what you think about this. Remember the bold sentence above.

Funguin, I’ll move you to editor until I teach Brady how to work this site. I’ll put you back up to admin as soon as I finish.

Here’s a few high points of this site while I was here:

  • First post: Welcome to RockhopperTracker!
  • Number of Missions Completed: 3 PSA Missions, 1 SSS mission
  • First Comment: matthias: cool website! lol
  • Highest Amount on Count to 1000: 482 by jshushij
  • Most Hits as of Today: 28,345 RockhopperTrackers
  • Best Hit Day Ever: 584 — Friday, November 9, 2007
  • Total Posts: 162
  • Total Comments: 1,946
  • Friends Made: Too Many To List


Will you still play CP?

Only until my membership ends (December 26, 2008)

Will you have another site?

I’ll be working on a new fun blog, http://flyingfastfood.wordpress.com

What about comments?

Brady and the rest of the staff can moderate them. I’ll be put as a  contributor here, so no worries.
Well, thank you one and all. I love this site, but now I must let Brady take over. It’s been great, and I hope you all great lives.

For the last time,

Waddle On Mateys!


Hola! March 9, 2008

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I’m Pappydrewit, the new contributor on this site!


Stay Pappy!


Taking A Break March 8, 2008

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Look, everyone is doing this. Our CP lives are STRESSFUL. We have real lives, CP lives, blogging lives, and I’m stressed. I will be hiring authors to make posts for CP, and NO, I’m not quitting. I’m taking a break for about two or three weeks. Don’t freak. I have a staff who will be great, I pick them after all. This site will not be deleted under any circumstances.

Waddle On Mateys!


Superman Hits CP March 6, 2008

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All right, well, I’ve decided to reenact Superman. Just like episodes, not a huge movie. i’ll need people for the following rolls:

  • Lois Lane (must be a girl and be able to be in almost every episode)
  • Superboy or Supergirl (can accept two rolls for each)
  • Manager of newspaper station (man I’m bad at Superman! forget names…ill look it up)
  • Villain (I’m thinking like alien suit or robot from Space Adventure *coming out March 14*)

Well, sign up! I have to know you on CP, and have to known you for at least one month. Must also have costumes for each (boss=jacket and camera, messenger bag, Lois= fancy dress and glasses, villian= said above, suberboy/girl= superhero costumes with super suit) Comment with your cp names, email (can say in comment form), and the part you want to do! First come first serve, so comment!

Waddle On Mateys!