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My First Day of Puffle School

Beep! Beep! Flamer awoke. His eyes were filled with crust. He couldn’t wait for another day of fun in the sun, and playing with his brothers and sisters, and his friends. He loved vacation; but the Flamer thought, who doesn’t? He knew it was August, and that school would be starting soon, so he wanted to make the best of these last days. Flamer ran out of his puffle house, and ran straight to his owner, Shreddude. Shred was wearing his backpack. Woo hoo, thought Flamer happily. Hiking trip! Shred had been given a very special gift from G the week before; a puffle translator. So now he could communicate with all his puffles that he loved so much. Flamer of course already understood English and Pufflish, so he was good. “Flamer, grab your backpack! Hurry up with your Puffle-O’s too! It’s almost time for school,” Shred said, happily. “What???!!!???” Flamer responded, confused. It was August; he still had time! Flamer glanced at the calender. It read: August 31. It was circled ,and under that, Shred had wrote, “First Day of School”. Flamer was upset about going to school; he wanted to have fun! But, being the oldest, Flamer knew he would have to go. So, he began getting ready. “I won’t goo,” said Flamer’s youngest sister, Freezy. This would be very hard on her; she was about to go to school for the first time. “Freezy, you have too! Nellie and Sophie are going!”” I won’t! Never!” Shred packed Freezy’s backpack, and dragged her along while she was sobbing. Buddy was being watched by Funguin this afternoon, who’s classes didn’t start until the following week. Lucky, thought Flamer as he walked out of his owner’s igloo. Finally, after taking Jet Pack, Flamer and Shred, along with the others had reached puffle school. Right next to puffle school was Shred’s school. Flamer noticed Shred’s school was much larger;it had three floors, and had a huge sign on it that read “School”. Flamer’s school was less than that; it had two floors, and two little puffle doors. There was no sign, just the words “Puffle School” written on the front of the school in red marker. “They take it the extra mile I see,” said Paints, Flamer’s younger yellow puffle brother.Freezy was sobbing, yelling, “Noooo!” over and over. “Freezy, you have to go. I’m sorry sweetie,”said Shred, trying to soothe her. Freezy, still crying, but light this time, nodded her head. “You’re lucky though,” said Charm to Freezy. “Whyy?” Freezy asked. “You only have to stay for a half a day, being in Puffle Preschool.” Freezy smiled, still tears streaming down her eyes. “Well, I’ll see you all later! Good bye,” Shred said, and caught up with a group of friends as they walked in.Flamer was able to notice Snow, wearing the usual outfit, and pie covering her face, Zizzle Z, looking dangerous but fun-loving, Ephrem, looking cool in his red Letterman jacket, and Funguin, looking pretty in purple. They began to walk in with each other happily. Flamer had to take Freezy down to her classroom. Freezy sobbed all the way down there. Finally, Flamer saw Ashes, Rattybor’s puffle, having the same problem with his new twin baby sisters, Nellie and Sophie. “Look, I don’t want to go either, but we have to. Suck it up girls,” Ashes said angrily. “But…but,” Nellie began, but then both the twins began to sob. Ashes rolled his eyes and pushed them into the classroom. Flamer saw Freezy looking at the twins, and then looking at her older brother. “Flamey, why are they crying?” Freezy asked. “I think they’re scared to go in,” Flamer responded. “Oh. Well, I’ll make them happy,” Freezy said, and ran into the classroom. There was a very old green puffle sitting in a chair, trying to calm down the twin yellow puffle girls. “I’m nice! Relax dears,” she said, bu they just continued to sob. “Hi Nellie and Sophie,” Freezy said, sitting down next to them. “Freezy?” they both said, staring at the young blue puffle. “Yes,” Freezy responded. “You’re in this class too?” “Of course! I’m the same age as you guys!” “Oh,” the twins said, starting to stop crying. “I have a secret for you two,” Freezy said. “What?” “We get out earlier than our other siblings!” “Really?” asked the twins. “Why?” “We’re special,” Freezy responded. “I guess we are,” Nellie said, and then the twins sat by Freezy, beginning to talk. “Wow, that little puffle will be a great help to me in the future,” said Freezy’s teacher. Then Ashes and Flamer went off, talking as they went off into their first classes. Flamer ran into TickTock on the way. “Bro, do you know where Computer Class is?” TickTock asked. Flamer pointed him in the right direction, and off TickTock ran. Flamer finally got to his first class. He didn’t really pay attention, as he kept his eye on Pinks, the pink puffle from the Pet Shop. Flamer and Pinks had become great friends, but Flamer wanted to be more than that. Of course, Pinks had around one hundred others to pick from to be her boyfriend, so Flamer knew he didn’t have a chance. But still- “Flamer, pay attention,” yelled Professor Banana, looking at Flamer with anger. Flame’s other classes blew through his mind; the only thing he really paid attention to; besides Pinks, were his siblings. Paints was the only one in his grade, but still, being the oldest, Flamer kept an eye out for them all. Charm was talking with Teddy whenever she could, and he thought he might have seen her give him a kiss. He’d have to watch out for him. Freezy was fine and went home a few hours after the sobbing situation. TickTock enjoyed his first time at school, and made alot of friends. He seemed to enjoy having people to talk to about his life and tech stuff. Caged was fine, Flamer could tell. He never talked, and never worried. He seemed to be talking to another black puffle. Was that puffle a girl? Hmmm…maybe Caged had feelings after all. Finally, Flamer went into math with Ashes, and saw Paints. He was looking all lovey-dovey at Sunflower, Funguin’s yellow puffle, who he was dating. He passed a note to her, which got intercepted by the teacher, Mrs. Dark. “Paints, if you want to share your note, go ahead,” she had said. Paints, knowing he’d get in trouble if he didn’t, slowly walked up to the front of the room. “Sunflower, my love, you look very nice in your pink bow today. I love you always and forever sweetie. XOXOXOXO, Paints (or Grizzly),”Paints read. After one second, the room erupted with laughter. Paints, clearly embarrassed, sat back down, his cheeks beet red. Finally, it was lunch. Flamer bought lunch (corn dogs-his favorite!) and sat down next to Ashes and Fire.Fire began to talk about Ashes’ sister Luna, and how she fainted around him. “It’s because-djfbnjnbhgbh,” Ashes said, his hand being covered by Flamer half way through.
Flamer thought Luna was nice, and she didn’t deserve her secret to be told by her brother. “She just has a fainting issue-don’t sweat it. She’s really nice when you get to know her,” Flamer responded. “Oh, cool! I was thinking of calling her tonight…I think I will!” Flamer began to eat his corn dog when Sky came up. Sky was a rough boy blue puffle. Why he is a bully no one knows. Maybe it’s because of his girly name. Others think it’s his color. No matter, he walked by Flamer and headed straight to TickTock. “Hey nerd,” Sky said. “Gimme your money, bub.” “Uh..no,” Ticktock said bravely, for he had never heard of Sky. “What did you say?” Sky asked. “I said no,” TickTock said again. “Well then,” Sky stated calm, grabbing TickTock by the neck. “It looks like I’ll be eating some nerd for lunch today.” TickTock was scared. Everyone was looking now, wanting to see what happened next. Suddenly, a pie was thrown right into Sky’s face. It was Paints, defending his younger brother. “Sky, get away from him,” Paints said calmly. “No one can call my brother nerd but me!” “Well, two lunches in one day,” Sky said, grabbing Paints also. “Lucky me.” “Sky, put…them…down!” “Who said that?” Sky commanded, angry. “I did,” Flamer said. Flamer began to walk up to Sky. Sky and Flamer used to be friends, and then something happened to make Sky mad at Flamer. They were never friends, and hadn’t ever talked before that. “I know your secret Sky,” Flamer said, acting cool, “and I have the guts to tell everyone.” Sky looked nervous; was beating up two nerds worth the secret getting out? Finally, he put them down. “Good,” Flamer responded to that act. “Now go away.” Sky, as nervous as a baby, ran out of the cafeteria. TickTock and Paints sat at Flamer’s table for the rest of lunch. “What’s his secret??” Paints asked excitedly. “I’ll tell you later,” Flamer said. He just wanted to eat in peace. The rest of the day zoomed by for Flamer. He didn’t even notice Pinks sitting by him in Chemistry; he was thinking how much Sky had changed. Finally, Shred cam and picked up his puffles. “So,” Shred began,” how was your day?” Many words came to Flamer’s mind. Grizzly, Pinks, pie, sobbing, half day, Computer class, Sky, secret, chicken. “It was ok, I guess,” Flamer said, and he said not another word the rest of the walk home.



1. puppyscruffy - February 16, 2008

cool story!

2. mimo133 - March 22, 2008

Cool man!!!!!!11

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