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Flamer’s Journal

Flamer, here’s your old journal. We found it in a box up in the attic. Enjoy it, but remember, people can read it! Write all your thoughts or whatever in it! Have fun! -Shred


OMG…my old journal! YAY!!!!!! I loved this journal! I can’t believe it’s mine again! Well, I’ll love this forever, and never lose it! Well, my igloo just opened! It’s so cool! It’s like my old page…except huger! I have a library, an art museum, my old journal, an advice page, an about page, and a shop! Wow…puffles have become so much popular! I hope I become as popular as some puffles! Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written in this journal…around 3 months! Let’s get writing! I’m working on my new story about when Shred adopted me. It’s goona be good, but not as long as the other story. I like my other story about the first day of puffle school alot, so check it out and tell me what you think! Shred is throwing a huge welcome back party for me this weekend, on the site! And the site! It’s so much bigger! There’s Uncle Mooser, who has a page, a whole page for Club Penguin, and a new admin! And almost 24,000 views! When I was here, we had 10,000! Amazing! Well, I’m goona go outside. Flame on!



2- 22-08

Well, I am sooo embarrassed. I asked Ice out for coffee, just a friendly get together, and she said yes. Well, now Funguin convinced her I liked her. I don’t! At least I don’t think I do… Well, I went there, and she started acting all lovey-dovey. I was fine until she said “I know.” I said know what and she said “You like me.” I was sooo nervous all of the sudden, couldn’t talk, twitched, hiccuped, sweated, and peed my pants all at once. Great huh? Well, I am soo nervous. I don’t think I like Ice…or do I? Flame on!





1. Ephrem - February 16, 2008

by the way i created a new site called http://www.ephremkid.piczo.com and i know how to use it 😆

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