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Rockhopper is taking a break from his ask page. Please don’t ask him any questions during this time. Thank you.

Due to cutting edge science, we now have a machine that can answer questions as if Rockhopper himself was here! Just leave a comment and Rockhopper will comment! Rockhopper checks his questions every day to one week. Just please leave a question for Rockhopper. No things like I like pie or something or it will be deleted. And please one question a week. Rockhopper can’t take back to back questions.



1. His Awesomest - August 26, 2007

I’m failing math and I have a question. If X equals 7 but Y equals 23, does 23 go to the power of third and calculate 45,765?

His Awesomest

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Um……. what you said kid. What you said. Thats correct.

2. pengy super - August 28, 2007

rockhopper, could we please arrange to meet each other. I’m DYING to meet you! I’m a big fan of you! REALLY BIG fan! i have always wanted to meet you. Can we arrange something next time you visit?
– Pengy Super

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well lassie, I would love to, but, as you know, there are 1,000,000 penguins in Club Penguin, and it wouldn’t be fair to just go to you’re igloo. But….. sneak on board my ship before it leaves, and come with me! Just kidding, lassie, but if you want to see me, just follow me on the RockhopperTracker Version 2.0 on this site!

3. Ninja - August 30, 2007

Rockhopper i heard on a site that theres waz a glitch where u could go on any penguin with any password ( really happened ) and my friend logged on as u in the post he wrote bout it and in one part it said u had a few buddies and 1 mod buddy and then he said this ” i guess he can ask u but i cant ask him ” that true? if yes ask me when u see me im Bla7201
😈 Ninja 😈

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Everyone on Club Penguin is my friend. I do not have anyone on my buddy list because I don’t want to exclude penguins. An no one but me knows me password lad. I have been a good penguin and no one has ever found out my password.

4. silvercobra - August 31, 2007

how can we go to rockhopper island and if u wont let us ill sneak on your ship and also can u give penguins a ride on ur ship?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, right now, you cannot get to Rockhopper Island unless you’re a red puffle named Yarr. And you cannot sneak on me ship. If you do you will be banned from Club Penguin. Bambadee made me think about the ship and now if its about to leave, you’ll either be kicked off by me, or get banned before I take off. And about penguins riding on me ship, maybe one day just from the Beach to the Iceburg. Hmmm…..I might be thinking about that now…….

5. Badger 7 - September 1, 2007

I’ve Meet You 3 Times Your Awesome!
My Question Is Do You Keep In Touch With Aunt Artic?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well lad, I do. Whenever I’m in town, I visit her igloo. And I sometimes now send her pictures about what me and Yarr are up to. There you go lad.

6. Icer228 - September 3, 2007

Rockhopper, I’ve heard that your ship lands evry so ofter on the beach, but will u ever land somewhere else? -Icer228

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well lad, I be liking the beach. But it would be cool to be parking my boat at the Iceburg or the Cove. But the Beach is a very easy location, big, and it wont tip the Iceburg, or it wont be crowding the waters of the Cove. So I don’t plan to anytime soon.

7. Funguin - September 5, 2007

Rockhoper are you in love with Aunt Artic

FROM A VERY DISTURBED ROCKHOPPER:N-O NO! We’re are just friends! Very close friends. Me love is the sea and she be calling me. Hope that answers that.

8. Chuck - September 7, 2007

Hey Rockhopper! I have a math question. What’s 2,379,000-4,734,00.64735

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well lad, I don’t wish to spoil your education. I never got one! But you should. So, when in doubt, ASK BILLYBOB!

9. 8socc3r - September 8, 2007

2 378 265.35, Chuck.

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Thanks lass! I knew that! I was just pulling your chain! Har Har Har!

10. Charzeymania - September 10, 2007

Hi OMG i said Hi so…. you are you in love with any penguins?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, the sea be me love. I think everyone one as a friend, nothing more. So, no.But, I think I know what you were thinking lass. 🙂

11. UNKNOWN - September 11, 2007

What’s the fall fair about?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well now, if I told ye, it wouldn’t be a suprise anymore, now will it?

12. comedybirdi - September 14, 2007

OMG!!!!!!! Hi Rockhopper. I want to meet you so bad and everyone is liying about where you are 😦 Try to find me please

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well lass, I would love to, but I just can’t focous on you. I have me other harties too! And the Trackers down….. ah well. Forgive me! Just keep looking!

13. comedybirdi - September 14, 2007

hi rockhopper it comedy again. 😦
Sigh. Didn’t find you i want to meet you so bad rockhopper your so cool cause everyone says that :0

FROM ROCKHOPPER:It’s ok lassie You will find me! And I promise you will enjoy it! 😉

14. saunt - September 14, 2007

hey rockhopper. can you meet me in the plaza at 2:00 EST on Sunday, September 16?\

FROM ROCKHOPPER:I can’t. It’s not fair to just focus on one penguin laddie.

15. Funguin - September 19, 2007

will I get married before im 25?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well lassie I dont know! Im not a fortune teller! If I was I wouldnt be sailing to Club Penguin every month! Now which would you like more? Me giving you items every month, or finding out if you’ll be married when ye be 25?

16. Joseph - September 30, 2007

hey rock hopper im hear to tellu that i relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly relly want to no what severs do u go to so i can go to

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Ahoy! Well, lad I won’t tell you that. I go wherever I feel like going. But, once it’s fixed, you can use the Rockhopper Tracker and find which server I be on!

17. zizzlez - September 30, 2007

yo rockhopper your my fanoriest penguin even better than getor360!!! I love your party that u gave us but i have to ask u somtin!!what are your famorite severs and what time do u like to go on and where do u like to hang out on ckubpenguin!!! well see ya plz reply captain ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, I just wrote about this in the post above you, but I go wherever I like. So you can never know 😉 . Use the tracker when it’s fixed and you can find me!

18. Ephrem - October 3, 2007

Dear Rockhopper,
i am Ephrem and i want to be your best friend.
i am sorry that i lied about you at cheats but we are still good
guys right? If you want to meet me,than meet me at the
mamonth server next time you come! That will be really great!!!
see you.

P.S. you are cool

P.S.write back soon

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, I would like to meet you. But it’s not fair to just focus on you instead of all the other penguins. So, just keep on looking for me!

19. Ephrem - October 3, 2007

i know that you can t focus on me all the time,
but i am just dying that i really want to see you
and i want to be your buddy!

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, lad, next time I come, I’m going to be easier to find. Billybob said a little about this. You’ll see… 🙂

20. Ephrem - October 4, 2007


FROM ROCKHOPPER:I’m everybody’s buddy, so it’s ok. I;’m your friend and everyone in Club Penguin’s friends too.

21. zizzlez - October 6, 2007

hey back off i asked him first so he’ll answer u next ok he still hasent my question so wait plz rockhoppper anwser my question

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Hey! Don’t be so mean, or I might just bring back an old item! 🙂 Look above. I did comment on yours.

22. zizzlez - October 7, 2007

im soorry rockhopper i didnt mean to be rude i just wanted you to awnser my question im soory i didnt mean to hey listin captain the backround says rockhopper imroved does that mean the rockhopper tracker is fixed because i am trying to look fro it plz replay plz reply and i would do wanna those faces but i dont know hwo so plz reply

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Its fine laddie!

23. zizzlez - October 11, 2007

thnz what does oy mean (rockhopper impoved?) and it the track almost fixed plz reply!

FROM ROCKHOPPER:It says ROCKHOPPER APPROVED, which means I approve it. Second, I don’t know! Soon most likely but I don’t know! It doesnt matter! I’m not even here!

24. Ephrem - October 11, 2007

ok rockhopper ill do it!!!

25. Ephrem - October 11, 2007

oh sorry

26. Ephrem - October 11, 2007

its ok zizzles i always forgive my friends and penguins

27. Ephrem - October 11, 2007

its always hard to find you Rockhopper, so you will
have to wait a long time until i find you,
until we see RH

P.S say hi to Yarr
FROM ROCKHOPPER: Thank you matey, Yarr was happy you talked to him!

28. Ephrem - October 12, 2007

if you said that i m your friend that means that ill be able
to find you

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well now, maybe I am your friend, but it would take the fun out of the “hunt for Rockhopper”! But, if ye would like help finding me, use the tracker when its fixed, or join Rockhopper’s Army!

29. zizzlez - October 13, 2007


Note: Ths is not hacking

FROM ROCKHOPPER:You’re already in the army. Check the page.

30. zizzlez - October 13, 2007

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 PLZ REPLY

31. Ephrem - October 13, 2007

Ok Rockhopper i will just join your army but how do you do it?

32. Ephrem - October 13, 2007

i can throw snowballs really fast to

33. Ephrem - October 13, 2007

Ephrem is always ready to his mission and never gives up!
Always keep going forward is my motto

34. Ephrem - October 13, 2007

but please add me to rockhopper’s army
ill be good up there


35. Ephrem - October 14, 2007

thank you very much

36. zizzlez - October 15, 2007

YO CAPTAIN I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE ARMY SOORY I HAVE CAPSLOCK ON i have a question who do we fight?? do we fight sea monsters ?ARe evil penguin invading rockhopper island? who do we fight?? and do we get to travel on your ship if where in your army?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Lad, none of what you said makes sense. The army fights for PEACE, and we also look for me. I’m not involved except ye fight in me name. Please stop asking questions zizzle. Maybe if ye read, ye would understand.

37. zizzlez - October 16, 2007

yeah u do got a point i hardly read!!

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Ye see lad! Thank Billybob! Now ye understand! Har Har Har 🙂

38. Ephrem - October 16, 2007

hello rockhopper
what do you do when you are in rockhopper’s army? is it going to be easier to find you?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, you can form search parties and hunt for me when I’m in town. And we’ll fight for peace. There is a meeting in Club Penguin for the RA this week. Stay tuned for details!

39. zizzlez - October 16, 2007

wait what do u mean for billybob oh yeah the what new thing ohh well when u said stop asking me questions are u saying im anoying?? because if i am ill wont bothere u again? 😦 😦 😦


40. Ephrem - October 17, 2007

okay rockhopper i will do it but i have a problems with search partys

41. zizzlez - October 18, 2007

so are u saying u hate me :-(:-(

42. zizzlez - October 18, 2007


43. Ephrem - October 18, 2007

you need to be more spesific zizle

44. Ephrem - October 18, 2007

but what day,time and server the meeting will be?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:lad, I cannot tell you what the password to post is unless you’re in the RA. But, look on the RA page, and try and figure out what that mess of letters means. I give ye a hint:it be backwards!

45. zizzlez - October 18, 2007

rockhopper can we travel in your ship if were in your army??? because if u say yes my real cp neam is Zizzle Z with a space!!! plz say yes but its your choins !!! oh and watch it ephern i can get pretty toghf and just to let u know i dont even give a stuff?? witch mean i dont care!!! im not tryin to be mean just u stop and ill stop im not trying to but is u make me ill get serious plz rockhopper plz reply!!!!

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Sorry lad I didn’t respond so fast! I was on vacation at Club Seal! Anyway, You don’t get to ride on my ship. You get to look for me in search parties or singly with the tracker, or fight for peace. That’s what the army does. Ok lad?

46. Ephrem - October 19, 2007

ok rockhopper ill try

47. Ephrem - October 19, 2007

my name is not ephren zizle its Ephrem

48. zizzlez - October 20, 2007

i know
i was just mad when u teassed me!!!!

49. zizzlez - October 20, 2007


50. zizzlez - October 20, 2007

rockhopper plz awnser my question on the f5 one plz

51. zizzlez - October 20, 2007

i mean the 45 1 sorry

52. Ephrem - October 20, 2007

i did not teased you im a regular penguin
so please you stop doing it

53. Ephrem - October 20, 2007

and one word Z man
stop being mean to rockhopper

54. Ephrem - October 20, 2007

rockhopper when i got a password where should i enter it?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well lad, you put it in the password protected post Shreddude87 put up a few days ago. Then ye can see what the information is.

55. zizzlez - October 20, 2007

rockhopper how do u get the password and stuff isk how to get there!!! ps:Ephrem i was not being mean plz reply rockhopper

56. Ephrem - October 21, 2007

thanks zizle

57. zizzlez - October 21, 2007

what do u mean anyway rockhopper plz awnser my question plz i want to know how to get that stuff or get there idk?!!!!


58. Ephrem - October 22, 2007

cookie monster? it was gookie monstor

59. Ephrem - October 22, 2007

oh nevermind

60. zizzlez - October 24, 2007

who do u get there!

61. zizzlez - October 24, 2007

i mean how do u get there!!!

62. Ephrem - October 24, 2007

sorry rockhopper i missed the meeting

63. zizzlez - October 26, 2007

rockhopper u there its neen like 2 days usally u awnser by then are u ok?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:I be fine lad! It just be that I be working on the Migrator! Please don’t ask about. It’s for the next time I be visiting Club Penguin! 🙂 So I won’t answering as fast.

64. zizzlez - October 27, 2007


65. katheryn hyder - October 27, 2007

hi rockhopper my penguin name is nana9 and some people have been being mean to me and they say there going to band me from clubpenguin and i dont want to be band so i hope u see me cause i relly want to see u cause i never saw u

66. Ephrem - October 27, 2007

he cant focus on you

67. Ephrem - October 28, 2007

hey rockhopper
is club penguin made for kids or adults?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Meself, I always found Club Penguin to be a kids game. But adults, like moderators, have to be on to watch kids to be sure their safe and aren’t being bad. But I found it a kids game.

68. zizzlez - October 28, 2007

both because in the beging like the monte jult they would say i was aults too

69. Ephrem - October 29, 2007

oh ok thanks lad

70. Ephrem - October 29, 2007

i met shreddude today but i dont know where did he go

71. Ephrem - October 29, 2007

have ye met him zizle?

72. Ephrem - October 29, 2007

oh and shreddude87 is my buddy

73. Ephrem - October 29, 2007

hello rockhopper
i saw alot of penguins saying the word “lol”
what do they mean?
FROM ROCKHOPPER: Well laddie, lol stands for laugh out loud. Maybe something was funny!

74. zizzlez - October 30, 2007

lol means lafgh out loud thats what lol means

75. Ephrem - October 30, 2007

thanks zizle but i asked rockhopper about this

76. rockhoppertracker - October 30, 2007

guys, Rockhopper is busy on the seas. Please don’t ask him questions, while he will be busy. He will be able to answer questions starting in December.

77. zizzlez - October 30, 2007

:-0 👿 👿 :evil oh well

78. Ephrem - October 31, 2007

STOP IT ZIZZLE Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

79. Ephrem - October 31, 2007


80. Ephrem - October 31, 2007

ok ill leave him in peace,forever

81. zizzlez - November 1, 2007

i was not mad i golt over it!

82. silvercobra - November 1, 2007

Dear Rockhopper,How do u get the Ninja Pixel Penguin?

83. zizzlez - November 2, 2007

s s s s s sliver coba u finaly came on this how come u never awnsre us on your site?

84. zizzlez - November 3, 2007

sorry cobra rockhopper can`t awnser us because hes working on his ship for sometin idk what but somethin?

85. Ephrem - November 4, 2007

just stop asking him questions

86. Rippedstar - November 5, 2007

I MET Paintboy today! rockhopper have you ever met him?

87. zizzlez - November 6, 2007

of for the love of pete sake does anybody read ROCKHOPPER CANY ASWNER US RIGHT NOW DO U GET THAT PPL GOSH!!! only me and Ephrem know that god lee

88. Ephrem - November 6, 2007

read the top man and zizle…

89. Ephrem - November 6, 2007

don’t swear

90. zizzlez - November 6, 2007

yo captain rockhopper how did u get the beared, eyebrows,oh and a prate, plz tell!

91. Ephrem - November 7, 2007

DID YOU SEE WHT ROCKHOPPER TRACKER TOLD YOU ZIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

92. zizzlez - November 7, 2007

uhh what? hge said we can ask at least 1nce a week!

93. jshushij - November 9, 2007

hey rockhopper, are you going to give out any more items when someone finds you? you’ve already done the eyepatch and the backround. is there anything coming up in the future?

FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, first of all, I be liking to say hello to everyone! Sorry I couldn’t answer questions. I’ve had me hands full working on my ship! Well, I’ll have to get back to work when I leave Club Penguin, but I will be here all week! Now for the question.I think since the background is fairly new, not right now. But maybe in the future. 🙂

94. KEVIN - November 9, 2007

FROM ROCKHOPPER:That’s for me to know lad and for you to find out. 🙂

95. KEVIN - November 9, 2007

how do i get the bendenna from you
FROM ROCKHOPPER:That was one of me old items. I gave it out twice, but some people were mad with me. *Cough* Shreddude*Cough* Anyway, you can’t get it anymore.

96. yuiop3456 - November 9, 2007

Hi, Rockhopper how do you become part of rockhoppers army?
FROM ROCKHOPPER:Just ask on my page!

97. yuiop3456 - November 9, 2007

Plz rockhopper me and my friends just want to find u
FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, keep searching for me! You might just be finding ye self finding me! 🙂

98. zizzlez - November 10, 2007

rockhopper how did u become a pirate?

99. Ephrem - November 10, 2007

rockhopper are you done resting from your ask page?
FROM ROCKHOPPER:Well, it is a very tough job. Alas, since I be in Club Penguin, I be taking care of the page. But when I leave the island, I be leaving the page to. There’s work to be done over seas, and I hope to finish it by December. So until December, I wont be back. But I am here all this week.

100. Ephrem - November 10, 2007

i found you yesterday on frozen and snowflake, did you saw me?

101. KEVIN - November 10, 2007

how do i get items from u

102. KEVIN - November 10, 2007

wher u ask page man

103. KEVIN - November 10, 2007

answer me man

104. yuiop3456 - November 11, 2007

Rock hopper remember me i’m now part of ur army now what do i do?

P.S r u a member of club penguin

P.S.S When are you coming online on club penguin i just want to know
FROM ROCKHOPPER:First off, congratulations and welcome aboard! We fight for peace. But also, Shreddude says to the army to meet up with the rest of the army sometimes, and search for me. Yes, I be a member on Club Penguin, and now if I told you when and where I go on, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise now would it?

105. zizzlez - November 11, 2007

Dear Rockhopper:
how do the seas look like and how do they feel to u?

106. Ephrem - November 11, 2007

im a member on club penguin rockhopper

107. icebergbrr - November 12, 2007

Dear Rockhopper,

Can I be in the army?If Iam in the army what do I do?

108. Ephrem - November 13, 2007

i had a hard time looking for your key,can you please help me find it?
FROM ROCKHOPPER:Arrgh! There is no key! Everyone better be listening to me! NO KEY! There is no way to get in until I say so! NO KEY!

Wow, sorry I got so mad lad. Everyone be askin’ me that these days.

109. icebergbrr - November 15, 2007


what do i do now that i am in the army?

110. Ephrem - November 15, 2007

know rockhopper, i would open my room if i were you

111. Ephrem - November 15, 2007


112. Chris - November 15, 2007

Rockhopper if you can please tell me when your on so i can get a free item please email me if not thats ok.

113. KEVIN - November 17, 2007

can i be in your army and how do i become part of the army?

114. zizzlez - November 17, 2007

rockhopper how many time do u walk Yarr!!!
FROM ROCKHOPPER:Yarr walks himself on his pole on the Migrator!

115. zizzlez - November 18, 2007

awesome oh and i also hear from my friends that u have a girlfriend nemed sirgepower is it true! by the way i saw u u were awesoem but i only saw u for about 2 minutes!!!
FROM ROCKHOPPER:Ah, now I have meself no girlfriend, and don’t plan to. And also, I have to sometimes move on from some people to meet all me friends!

116. zizzlez - November 19, 2007

rockhopper i saw just now u were playing tag then u said u penugin be fast!!! did u see me?

117. zizzlez - November 20, 2007

Rockhopper have u ever lost something on your ship?

118. rockhoppertracker - November 20, 2007

zizzle, rockhopper left club penguin. now you have to wait for December for him to be back

119. Ephrem - November 20, 2007

yes zizzle, follow the rules please

120. zizzlez - November 20, 2007

ok ok i didnt get that any way?

121. cooloduo100 - December 23, 2007

rockhopper are you ban forever or is it somthing to protect your penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

122. cooloduo100 - December 23, 2007

let me join your crew i will hoist the sails and i won’t rip the sails so please can i join your crew and sail on the seas please!!

123. jshushij - December 23, 2007

coolodude100, rockhoper will not answer you until he comes back to club penguin. i do know that the banned forever thing is to protect him and that no one other than yarr can join his crew.

124. lipgloski12 - December 23, 2007

hi rockhopper how are u wont u ever come back to clubpenguin plz u could celebrate christmas with all the penguins round the world

125. lipgloski12 - December 23, 2007

hi its me again and your puffle is so cute what did u name it plz plz answer back

126. zizzlez - December 24, 2007


127. Miss Dylan - December 24, 2007

I’m new to this site, so where is a REAL Rockhopper tracker?

128. Miss Dylan - December 24, 2007

Answer back to my question above and win a free Dell laptop! Trust me it happens! Its true!

129. Miss Dylan - December 24, 2007

Ok no one is answering so BYE BYE

130. zizzlez - December 24, 2007


131. zizzlez - December 24, 2007

coolduo u are not joins not after what u did st joeys sute u were cussing and saying bad and GROSS things or wait well u were saying curse words!!!

132. jshushij - December 24, 2007

oh Miss Dylan i dont need a laptop but the real rockhoppertracker is on the page Rockhoppertracker version 2.0

133. cooloduo100 - December 24, 2007

sorry for being mean i coldn’t find the rules for this blog un ban me please!!!!!

134. Devildog - December 24, 2007

hey dude like where do you hang

135. jshushij - December 25, 2007

what do you mean?

136. zizzlez - December 25, 2007

ok coolduo100 ill unban u just follow the dang rules!

137. theo - December 27, 2007

i was coolduo100 befor and when you un ban me my account was erased but why was it erased?

138. theo - December 27, 2007

why is cooldou100 account erased?

139. theo - December 27, 2007

can i be part of your crew rockhopper please!!

140. cooldou100 - December 27, 2007

why is my account erased and can i be a part of your crew on your ship rockhopper please i will do whatever you say!!

141. rockhopper - December 28, 2007


142. rockhopper - December 28, 2007

i mean not yet

143. zizzlez - December 28, 2007

rockhopper how long will i be gne i really want to go and i mite but what would happen to my puffles will i be able to bring them on the ship!? and how will i earn coins?

144. zizzlez - December 28, 2007

and soory for soo many questions but if its ok im ok if u say no can i bring 1 friend along with me hes no trouble make again im ok if u say no!

145. Ephrem - December 28, 2007

rockhopper, is that you done resting?

146. rockhopper - December 29, 2007

zizzelz you can bring enything you want!!

147. rockhopper - December 29, 2007

zizzelz you are going to be suprised because i will let you in my secret locked door but only if you don’t tell enybody what is in it ok!!

148. rockhopper - December 29, 2007

there is not a key to my door club penguin suppourt edites it to look open when it is open!!

149. rockhopper - December 29, 2007

rmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!theo is being mean you have to ban him!!

150. zizzlez - December 30, 2007

oh ya theo uhh ARGG :EVIL: i really dont want to sat anything but well ur a uhh ur a stupid dude ha!! 😉 thnx rockhopper im ganna bring 3 friends or 2 and i wont tell anyone what sever will it be on and time!> and agin my PUFFLES will they starve and go away!!??

151. zizzlez - December 30, 2007

oh and um can i but ur cloths from old days and how will i ean coins ahain? ❓

152. rockhopper - December 30, 2007

i will give you 2000 coins for each chore you do ok!!

153. zizzlez - December 30, 2007

im ganna report u kno joey453 theo!! 👿 and what are the choirs rockhopper? but no ifence u still havent swnsered my question how will my puffles stay alive if tgere at home by there self i have i think 10 or 9!

154. steeboh - December 30, 2007

rockhopper could you plz meet me and my friends at the plaza on the 1st jan 2008

155. steeboh - December 30, 2007

at 7:00 PST

156. Ephrem - December 30, 2007

rockhopper can’t focus on you, don’t you understand young man

157. Ephrem - December 30, 2007

what a beast full boy, zizzle, we will ban him forever

158. zizzlez - December 31, 2007

y he didnt know be easy on the guy!!!!

159. zizzlez - December 31, 2007

what do u mean aobut my site and erase i dont get it!!!??

160. rockhopper - January 1, 2008

zizzelz the choir you have to do is put up the sail and clean the stering wheel ok?

161. Steeboh - January 1, 2008

im a girl!!!

162. Steeboh - January 1, 2008

if your talking about me…

163. zizzlez - January 1, 2008

no were not talking about to ,rockhopper how will i get to bring my puffles and umm oh ya keep forgiting. about how will i know where u are?

164. Ephrem - January 1, 2008

im talking about theo not about this guy

165. zizzlez - January 2, 2008

oo well ya know what shred said be quit im ganna go on xbox live!

166. Steeboh - January 2, 2008


167. Ephrem - January 2, 2008


168. rockhopper - January 3, 2008

zizzelz i will set you so you can bring two puffles at a time and when you make them go off your player card they will be on my ship and ill make sure that your puffles don’t run away ok?

169. zizzlez - January 3, 2008

UHH OK I THINK I GET IT! uhh what sever will u be on this is my last questions and can i buy ur neat cloths!!?/

170. rockhopper - January 3, 2008

zizzlez ill be on the server glacer first ok then the other servers

171. zizzlez - January 3, 2008

wa wa wa what orther severs when u come youll first be on the sever glacer or when youll leave!!!!

172. rockhopper - January 3, 2008

i go on the server glacer in the moring and i leave at 2:00a.m. then i go on the server rainbow for 50 minutes ok?

173. zizzlez - January 3, 2008

im guess sing tats cp time ok! 😉 man i got soo any kills on xbox live 😉 it was sooooo lol

174. rockhopper - January 4, 2008

ummmmmm well zizzlez are you in love with any buddy if you are tell me who they are and if you do you can bring him or her a long with you on my boat!!!!!!!

175. zizzlez - January 4, 2008

uhhh ok?
but if u dont know im a boy!

176. zizzlez - January 4, 2008

but go on the chatbox if i do!

177. john - January 4, 2008

Rock hopper when are u comeing back

178. Ephrem - January 4, 2008

im a boy

179. jshushij - January 4, 2008

rockhopper it didnt disappear its part of the blogroll now

180. Ephrem - January 5, 2008

you’re going to focus on zizzle z?

181. zizzlez - January 5, 2008

well i like someone but i havent met her since the day i met her im tryin to look for her!

182. Ephrem - January 5, 2008

rockhopper said it

183. rockhopper - January 5, 2008

anser me

184. john - January 6, 2008


185. john - January 6, 2008

rock hopper how come people say that they try to go on your file you reported forever

186. Penzi 2 - January 6, 2008

Dear RockHopper,
I’v ben thinking if you could give out the mining helmits back when you return well because you see i really want one to yous a jackhammer please get Club Penguin the mining helmits back to Club Penguin I’ll really aprecheate it.

Your number 1 fan, Penzi 2

187. john - January 6, 2008

penzi 2

188. john - January 6, 2008


189. Fbijrmatt567 - January 6, 2008

dear rock hopper how come i cant make a account on yahoo.com

190. Pappy - February 19, 2008

are you a seamate?

191. cwpleader - February 20, 2008

rockhopper why don’t have your puffle with you when u met penguins?

192. gligor - March 12, 2008

hi guys im wondering how to get the tracker. And if its on a page how do i get there. I love club penguin. Im a spy a tour guide. Ive done all spy missions and i really want to meet rockhopper. My penguins name is gligor. Please reply!

193. gligor - March 20, 2008

srry i got to exited

194. moujtabah - March 20, 2008

how can you make a free membership in clubpenguin.

195. gligor - March 31, 2008

i dont know i dont think yu can

196. cooldude1998 - April 1, 2008

Rockhopper when is your ship going to be finished??
rockhopper tell me who your girlfriend is!!!!!!!!!!
FROM ROCKHOPPER: What ship, I lost the Migrator at sea and only have a tiny rowboat! Lad, I DO NOT have a girlfriend

197. Dady202 - April 5, 2008

Im new on this post thing but here it goes!!! I know theres a 1out of 25 chance ill EVER be on the same server as you always go on! then thers the time, there are 24 hours a day, so thats 1 out of 49 chance! Then theres the day, 7 days a week so thats 1 outs of 56 chance!!! then the rooms!!! there are 18 rooms so thats a 1 of 75 chance that oneof us will get to meet rock hopper , and hes only one penguin, its not fair for him to only do you!!Oh and people who lie, knock it off!!
FROM ROCHOPPER: Aye, you be a smart lad! All that math!

198. gligor - April 9, 2008

rockhopper your ships being fixed at cp. thers a new program called save the migrator project. gary the gadget guy invented a machine called the aqua grabber!

199. gligor - April 13, 2008

its fully finishd now come to cp we are using fireworks to try and contact you.

200. jshushij - April 14, 2008

hey rockhopper when are you coming back to cp?

P.S. 200th comment on this page

P.S.S. 2605th comment on this site!!!!!
I don’t know when I come back, laddie. When I’m in the sea it’s hard to calculate the time until I’d arrive at club Penguin.

201. gligor - April 16, 2008

read the top of the page rockhopper is taking a break!

202. sami - April 19, 2008

rockhopper why dont u ever open your room everyone is dieing to see whats inside!!???

203. gligor - April 21, 2008

read the top of the page rockhopprs taking a break from the page. If u look out the telescope on the lighthouse u can see that rockhoppers on his way! he might open the room once hes reached club penguin.

204. gligor - April 26, 2008

Yay rockhoppers back and hes opening his room on the 28th yu need to find the key

205. gligor - April 26, 2008

hes opening the room yay so now we have to find the key

206. james - April 27, 2008

please can i go on yours rockhopper

207. declan - April 29, 2008

rockopper will you meet me on clubpenguin 7 o clock on world sever britan sever shebet send me an email to tell me if you can to dalek.declan@hotmail.co.uk

208. gligor - May 2, 2008

hes taking a break maybe when when he leaves cp on may 5th he might start answering questions.

209. gligor - May 5, 2008

it said up in a question by kevin when rockhoppers at club penguin he will answer questions hes been at the island a few days ago and today hes leaving why when he was in club penguin he didnt answer any questions i think hes abandoned the page
Uh, laddie I’m here, I didn’t abanbon the page

210. gligor - May 11, 2008

rockhopper can i join the army that it talks about up around the middle of the page.

211. gligor - May 15, 2008

where do i get the ckhopper tracker

212. gligor - May 24, 2008

hello is anybody there.

213. A CONCERNED PENGUIN - July 4, 2008

Hi Rockhopper,

Can u just tell us where you will be (here and on the club penguin blog) and when so every body can meet you and it wont be excluding any penguins and if you do this then you can be penguins buddys without excluding anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FROM ROCKHOPPER: Good idea, laddie. But, think of all the other penguins that dont go to this blog. Arg, I dont know if I can image such a number. That would still be excluding.

214. A CONCERNED PENGUIN - July 4, 2008

Can i be in ur army? My penguin name is Benyboo01

215. nidhi - July 10, 2008

hi Rockhopper
I am penguin kashyapmatan. And am very happy to find you chatting here.I don’t think i should have asked this but please may i know why do most of the penguins think that you are the best because if we could get permission we could make our own ship and give free items i am so
much wanted to ask people this question but than finally found you chatting i hope with all my heart you answer

from kashyapmatan

216. kashyapmatan - July 10, 2008

please answer

217. kashyapmatan - July 10, 2008

hello rockhopper may i ask u this question why are u so popular
FROM ROCKHOPPER: Maybe it be that I bring free items. Or maybe I am just fun to hang out with. Arg, I don’t no.

218. A CONCERNED PENGUIN - July 10, 2008

You didnt read my question properly! I said tell us where you will be (here AND ON THE CLUB PENGUIN BLOG!!!!
FROM ROCKHOPPER: I am here, or else I wouldn’t talk now, would I matey?

219. Fred - July 28, 2008

Rockhopper will u bring more stuff when u come back please and my name is either lenguin boy or pinkkmo

220. ash - August 1, 2008

rockhopper hi i like your penguin
FROM ROCKHOPPER: Why thank you, laddie!

221. A CONCERNED PENGUIN - August 5, 2008


222. A CONCERNED PENGUIN - August 9, 2008

Please read my questin again plz

223. A CONCERNED PENGUIN - August 9, 2008

Number 213

224. A CONCERNED PENGUIN - August 9, 2008

Plz read 213 again

225. iamkicky - August 12, 2008


226. sharkspiker1 - August 13, 2008

hi im just wondering how many days do you stay in clubpenguin until you go back to rockhopper island

227. ROCKHOPPER - October 2, 2008


228. blue goo3 - October 18, 2008

ROCKHOPPER were can i find you in club penguin

229. budderscocth - October 19, 2008

Hi im budderscocth on club penguin and ive met you once at the cove ut do you ever not get crowded or do you always get crowded because i was trying to get you to my igloo,from:BUDDERCOCTH

230. Thomas - October 19, 2008

hello rockhopper i just want to say that i like ur items and can u sell a bandana like blue? I LOVE U! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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