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music jam 08 July 26, 2008

Posted by tails6000 in Uncategorized.

hey ppls tails is here to tell about the music jam 08


town is pretty good normal

night club and lounge cool dj system is ready,lounge has some filming done

coffee shop my fav place because open mic!

plaza first free item a shirt pizza parlor looks like a cool resturaunt

dock:cool with back stage i love the back stage dock has a very big stage and back stage a lounge with a music catalog :secret click the dot on the i to get the red guitar

beach:just bubble gum pop

light house:pretty cool like a real concet

snow forts:pretty neat store with vip passes

forest:has a country theme to it but sweet

ice rink:like a real hockey concert

ski village:so classic and peaceful for our orca straw

ice berg penguin band wears clothes and drummer plays with drum sticks

cove:tropical!mine:musical iceicals pretty freaky

dojo:you step on buttens making music from instruments

pool:giant piano board


and thats my summery of the party i hope funguin likes it as much as we do folks as until then

follow the great through the special stage!




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