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Hello? June 22, 2008

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Well first with the Friday stuff! There is a new pin, new furniture catalog, and a *gasp* future mission!

Lets start with the pin!

The pin…

Is in the…

Pizza Parlor!





D Now, the furniture catalog!

Inside there are tons of fun summer stuffz 4 ur igloo!

(click 2 enlarge)

My fav is the towel.

Now the *gasp* future mission!

Look at the town…

(click 2 enlarge)

Look at the HQ…


Now to the title. We dont have many hits. I no that might be because of me, and i AM pretty stressed SO i want to hire people to be staff. They can be authors and help me out with the posts, and hopefully the hits will go up!

If you want to write in a comment:

1. Name

2. Why you want to work here

3. How stressed you are

4. Email (if u win i email u 2 tell u) (you can say “in comment form thingy” if you dont want 2 share it with anyone

5. How many times go on this site a week

I hope EVERYONE tries out, and I will hire 2 or 3 ppl that ill meet on meebo and set the rules. Deadline June 30th. 😀

u no i ♥ pie




1. tails6000 - June 22, 2008

2.because i want to help you with your site because you are a very good friend
3.very stressed
5.mostly with new posts but i comment normally

2. redwings - June 27, 2008

1. redwings
2.because i have visited alot of wordpresses that have been quit so i want to keep this one going.
3.sorta stressed
5.i visit 2 ot 3 times a week.

3. redwings - June 27, 2008

p.s. if you pick me i can do the missions in shreds secret service

4. tails6000 - July 1, 2008

p.s. sry i cant go to meebo tell me how i can get on

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