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OMG March 18, 2008

Posted by Funguin in OMG.

Well, its me Funguin and guess what I just heard! I’ll show u!

[17:36] Shred: BTW
[17:36] Shred: brady doesnt want my sitw
[17:36] Shred: site*
[17:36] Funguin: oh
[17:36] Shred: so
[17:36] Shred: its urs
[17:36] Funguin: omg
[17:37] Shred: congrats
[17:37] Funguin:
[17:37] Funguin:
[17:37] Shred:

So… its mine! WOW! Ive loved this site and now…. Woah! So, um yayerz! HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! 😀 MORE HAPPY DANCE! Yay, yay, and yay!

u no i ♥ pie




1. ~☺~Emmi~☺~ - March 19, 2008

:O:O:O COOL! NOW ITS URS!! u must be really happy!
Funguin: Yeah, I am!

2. ~☺~Emmi~☺~ - March 19, 2008

oh and nice category lol
Funguin: Lol, thank you!

3. Saunt - March 20, 2008

funguin, tell chewitt dude i would like to thank him.
i would like to thank him for introducing me to rockhoppertracker
it all started when chewitt dude made his first newspaper.
in that newspaper, there was a list of clubpenguin sites
one of his was this site
every since that day
ive been using this site, and have been friends with shreddude
ive been with him this entire time
and now, i will quit clubpenguin when he quits
so that is all

4. Shred - March 21, 2008

I’m still alive!
lol you’re talking like i died or something!
Shred lives!

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