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Superman Hits CP March 6, 2008

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

All right, well, I’ve decided to reenact Superman. Just like episodes, not a huge movie. i’ll need people for the following rolls:

  • Lois Lane (must be a girl and be able to be in almost every episode)
  • Superboy or Supergirl (can accept two rolls for each)
  • Manager of newspaper station (man I’m bad at Superman! forget names…ill look it up)
  • Villain (I’m thinking like alien suit or robot from Space Adventure *coming out March 14*)

Well, sign up! I have to know you on CP, and have to known you for at least one month. Must also have costumes for each (boss=jacket and camera, messenger bag, Lois= fancy dress and glasses, villian= said above, suberboy/girl= superhero costumes with super suit) Comment with your cp names, email (can say in comment form), and the part you want to do! First come first serve, so comment!

Waddle On Mateys!




1. Funguin - March 6, 2008

CP name: Funguin123
Email: In Comment form thingy
Part: Supergirl!
YAY! 😀 Cool idea

2. rjh95 - March 7, 2008

Email: dont have one Shred: You need one!!!
part: Superguy

3. ben166 - March 7, 2008

cp name: ben166
Email: in comment form
part: villian

4. Emtek77 - March 7, 2008

OHH! IWANNA BE IN IT! but i dont have the constume……..i dont have a dress for lois lane…..but ill try anyway.

CP name: Emtek77
Email: emtek77@gmail.com
part: Lois Lane!!!

even though i dont have the costumes, i hope you will let me be in it! i’ll try to be in every episode…but my parents work me hard >.< as long as we do it on weekends(preferably sunday) i’ll do it!

5. Ephrem - March 7, 2008

Cp name: Ephrem
email: Kosyachkov@list.ru
part: Superhero Shred: That’s mee!!!!!

6. Ephrem - March 7, 2008

or actually i can be named Evil Jester 😈

7. Ratty - March 8, 2008

CP name: Rattybor
Email: In the comment thingy
Part: Lois Lane!

8. Ratty - March 8, 2008

Plus I can only on weekends also like emtek, But im willing to be in each epi and have the costume!

9. rockhoppertracker (not logged in) (im too lazy-lol) - March 8, 2008

emtek, is it ok if you can be something else? I’d pick you, bt Ratty has the costume…
I will get you a part in episodes

10. Emtek77 - March 8, 2008


11. Pappy - March 8, 2008

CP Name: Pappydrewit
email: pappy.drewit@gmail.com
Part: Superhero

12. Pappy - March 8, 2008

plz pick me!

13. Ephrem - March 8, 2008

Email: kosyachkov@list.ru
part: Evil Jester

14. jshushij - March 10, 2008

can i please join?
i dont care who i am and i have all of the costumes
my name is at the top and my email is submitted
please consider me for any part!
P.S. i also know how to make vids so i can help with that stuff
P.S.S. i also know how to do effects so if you need help im here

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