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BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! March 1, 2008

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.
All right , well I’ve been busy, so I’m borrowing this post from funguin’s site (admin here):
From Funguin:
Thingys that happened on CP:

1) Ice Fishing has the grey fish

2) Sports catalog

3) New pin!

First, the new pin! It’s the Aqua Grabber! Its pretty weird! You find it at the underground pool!


-D Next, the Sports Catalog! The cover looks like this!


Yay, there are finally soccer uniforms!


And there is the new fishing pole! )


Okay, so that mostly all the Sports catalog stuffs. Now the Ice Fishing game! With the new fishing rod you can get grey fish! Its cool!


They go either really slow and then really fast, or really slow go really low. They are very hard to get. But they get you more coins!


Thats all!

u no i ♥ pie


SHRED: BTW, I’m thinking of hiring some authors. If you want to be one, comment with your wordpress name and email, why you want to be, and how often you check this site.



1. Puppyscruffy - March 1, 2008

hi i would like to be an author. My name is Puppyscruffy and my email is puppyscruffy1@yahoo.com I would want to be an author because I think this site is sooooo cool and I would like to be a part of it! I check this site maybe 1 once a day or 5 times each week

2. ben166 - March 2, 2008

I am Ben166
I would love to be one and help you out with this site and with news. I visit here every day so i would check here every day. Thanks I would be happy thanks.

3. jshushij - March 2, 2008

is an author a story maker, and admin or something else? what exactly is an author?

4. bradykoppen - March 7, 2008

hey its brady. sign me up as an author if you want. tty tomorrow

Rockhopper lives!

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