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Welcome Home Flamer! February 13, 2008

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Hey all! Mooser, your page has been moved to the site page because I need to make room for Flamer! Flamer is my red puffle, who I love sooo much! He wanted to be with his younger siblings at their site, but sadly, there’s no room. He will be helping with Puffle Palace, but he misses his old journal. Well, how could I deny me little buddy? Flamer’s Iggy will be coming out soon, so get ready! Also, SSS (Shred’s Secret Service) will be released when I win/lose TPOA. But, if I win, it will be released with a new mission! If not, I’ll need about a week or two. So please vote for me in TPOA! http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com

Also, Funguin, it’s time to use your admin abilities for good. I’ll be busy tomorrow and Friday, so can you post the newspaper and the party this week? I’ll get back to work on CP after finish all my site projects. Please??? Just edit saying if you can.

Waddle On mateys!


Funguin: Sure i’ll be able 2! 😀



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