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Puffles Wanted! February 10, 2008

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Hey everyone! I’m looking for penguins to play the parts of Paints and Freezy on my puffles site. This is just until I finish the Puffle Palace. Here’s their site!


  • Must be a good speller
  • Must write well
  • Must be a good actor
  • I must know you through sites or CP
  • Must be good at storytelling


  • Must be a good actor
  • Must know how to spell, but must be able to spell incorrectly (Freezy is a baby puffle)
  • I must know you through sites or CP
  • Must be a good storyteller

It helps if you have puffles who have sites/pages too, just so you know. Here’s how you enter:

Comment looks like this:

  1. WordPress name/CP name
  2. WordPress email
  3. Website (must have one)
  4. Which puffle you want to be (can only be one)
  5. Reference ( don’t need to have any, but helps if you do)
  6. Why you want to be that puffle
  7. About your penguin/Wordpress site

That’s all! This is only until I finish the Puffle Palace. If you edit any of the other pages BUT your journal, you’re fired. You have until Tuesday to sign up, so sign up!!!!
Waddle On Mateys!




1. jshushij - February 10, 2008

1. jshushij
2. jshushij@aol.com
3. http://www.jshushij.wordpress.com
4. i dont care which puffle
5. what is a reference? ill answer once i know what it is
6. i want to be one of your puffles because i love to write and i love club penguin and i love your site and i love the puffles site and im a good writer (i have the highest average in Language Arts in my class) and i think that it will be fun
7. i own 2 puffles hope (green) and dazzle (red)

is it ok if i start a journal on my site if i dont get the part or is that copyright?

Shred: Well, you need to choose a puffle, so i’ll put you down for Paints right now. Refrence is having journaling puffles like mine, so you don’t have any. Finally, no it’s not copyright, but my puffles would like it if you could say on the page or site Idea from thepufflediaries.wordpress.com or something like that.

2. emtek77 - February 11, 2008

:O you got a new admin! Sorryz i don’t come a lot, i have a bad memory and forget what the URL is. so then I end up googling Shreddude87. how slow am I? 😆

Shred: lol

3. Zizzle Z (not logged in yet) - February 12, 2008

u guys wanna be an admin on my site u guys are wanna my 2 best friends !

Shred: Uh on your wordpress sure, but I don’t know about Funguin. I’ll wait for her to edit this comment.
Funguin Sure!

4. Ephrem - February 12, 2008

it makes me feel redicilous

5. Rattybor - February 14, 2008

1. Rattybor
2. theseraphina@gmail.com
3. rattybor.wordpress.com
4. Freezy
5. Uhm….I do have journal puffles…As you know…
6. Cuz shes cute lol
7. About 450 days old,loves cp,has 6 puffles, and updates my site most of the time.


~Ratty :mrgreen:

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