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The Penguin Oscar Awards! February 2, 2008

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Hey guys! Help me! I made it into TPOA! I need you to vote for me please!!! Vote for me at:


If I win or get runner up, I’ll:

  • update the site alot more!
  • Add new pages!
  • Publish DOAP2 sooner maybe!
  • Have more contests!
  • Update the puffles site!
  • Throw a HUGE party!
  • make a new page!
  • possibly re-start Find Five!
    • And more!

    *NOTE: If Shred gets Runner-Up, he’ll only do some of these things. If he wins, they’re all be done!*

    Help me get votes by advertising on your sites! You can use one of the banners if you want to help me get more votes!


    Waddle On Mateys!


    P.S.: VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. emtek77 - February 2, 2008

    I HAVE TO PICK BETWEEN YOU AND LAVASTER! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO THROUGH THIS MADNESS?! oh gosh! next someone’s going to tell me that Allmightyjak’s in it! 😆 but he’s not, he didn’t try out 🙂

    Shred: Well, why not vote for one of us one week, and another the next? Of course, do whatever you wanna do.

    2. plopdhd - February 2, 2008

    i vote for shred!!!!!

    3. lavaster - February 2, 2008


    4. lavaster - February 2, 2008

    I think you (shred) and me are in the lead

    5. Ephrem - February 2, 2008

    me too

    6. zizzlez - February 2, 2008

    omg that triffic ill vote for u and pie good job!!!! MY FRIEND WAS IN THAT 2!

    7. emtek77 - February 2, 2008

    Ummmmmmmmmm……………………………………………………um…erg….well i guess i’ll vote for one of you one week then the other another week, BUT IM NOT TELLING WHO! 🙂

    8. jshushij - February 3, 2008

    ok you got my vote and please comment when next season starts so maybe i could try out or my friends

    9. Funguin(not logged in 2 wordpress) - February 3, 2008

    I voted 4 u, since i cant vote 4 myself.

    10. zizzlez - February 3, 2008


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