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Puffles with the News! January 23, 2008

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Heyy! It’s Charm! And Paints! Now we sometimes post on Shred’s site! Yeah, I figured out his password. It was pretty easy. Shred’s password was ******* (Shred’s comment: Hey! Don’t give out my password on the internet!) If Shred’s busy finding the long lost city of Ginormoustranchutybdcity (which doesn’t exist- I just made it up so he doesn’t watch us alot at home! :D) or is busy with something else, we will post! We don’t mind! We like it! And, we like to be in charge! So…let’s get to some news!


If we write in purple, it’s both of us talking so don’t think we adopted another puffle. Too many to handle… Anyway, Billybob made a post with the new mission update! He said that the new blog won’t be up and working until a few days, so be patient!

Many people ask me, Charm, if puffles can be secret agents. Well, you can! I am a secret agent for the PSSSS (Puffle’s Secrets Stay Secret Society) where we make sure penguins don’t find out about how smart we really are. Yeah, we could like take over all of Club Penguin with our smarts! Beware penguins! Paints is a PSSSS member too! Yep, and I’m proud! Oops, guys I gotta run. Sunflower’s here… Hey! You didn’t tell me she was coming! I wanna skip rope with her! Yeah, about that… *locks Charm in puffle house* Ok, I’ll let you come out when she’s gone! Bye guys!

~Charm & Paints



1. zizzlez - January 23, 2008

UMMM hi plz dont make me ur slave ill be ur manger ya know given ur gifts like ur uncle!!!!! ill but u just what u need!

Charm: Um…. I don’t really understand. But…. I like gifts! *jumps up and down*

2. zizzlez - January 23, 2008


Charm: What’s a Piczo?

3. funguin - January 23, 2008

I didnt no Sunflower came over 2 ur house…
Anyways Shred u no ur PIM idea in ur Shred site, can I use that idea? I will give credit!

Shred: I didn’t know either! And, of course you can! PIM is a free item that every puffle has on their secret computer. Please give credit to Flamer, not me!

4. Ephrem - January 23, 2008

you spelled “know” wrong

5. funguin - January 23, 2008

i no, i always spell it wrong! YAY!

6. zizzlez - January 27, 2008

i ment 2 say buy u everything i go on frozen by the way and a piczo is like having ur own site if u go on the blog roll http://www.zizzlez.piczo.com thats my site ill make u one with any backround!!!!!!!!!!!! youll pick ill tell u it on meebo just let me know if ya want anything! waddle on charms 🙂 😉

Charm: Well, we have our own site…check it out maybe! thepufflediaries.wordpress.com

7. zizzlez - January 27, 2008

i did it also cool! 😉

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