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Pirate In A Rowboat: Rockhopper’s Return in 2008 January 23, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! Rockhopper has returned to the shores of Club Penguin after his devstating crash last Wednesday. The ship is still in the Telescope, so check it out! He brought his rowboat, and here’s a picture of it!


And the free item isn’t that much of “treasure”, but Rockhopper has brought us extra life jackets, in case this ever happens to us!


Well, we wanted to know how Rockhopper is, but he wasn’t available for an interview. Who would we ask? Who has been with this pirate all week? We now go to our correspondents Paints and Charm for an exclusive interview with Yarr, Rockhopper’s friendly puffle.

 Special Report!!!!!!!!

With questions arising of Rockhopper’s life in a rowboat, we turn to his best buddy. Rockhopper, unavailable for comment, has been seen walking around the islands, leaving his puffle Yarr in the rowboat all day. Me and my brother Paints took this as an opportunity to interview him, and ask about all of this. Here’s Paints with the interview.


Paints: So Yarr,what happened?

Yarr: This iceberg just came outta nowhere! Me and the Big R were all like, what are we goona do? So Big R was able to like steer clear until he told me to stay here while he got a cream soda. I saw it coming. I couldn’t steer, so I just went to go get a cream soda.

Paints: So you pretty much just relaxed?

Yarr: Uhhh…..yeah.

Paints: How did you know you had crashed?

Yarr: Me and Big R were in the Ship Hold, drinking soda, when we hear this loud noise, kindaounded like CRACKbooommbDoink!, then water started to pour into the ship! I just stayed in the ship while Big R went back up. I played in the water a little. I love water. Then, all of the sudden, Big R comes down, grabs me and a few life jackets, and we run up the steps. I was trying to go back to the water! Man, did I get my wish! We were in a rowboat! I loved it!

Paints: So, any purple octopus sitings while out in the ocean?

Yarr: None yet, besides the one I saw round the Halloween party…

Paints: Here’s the question on everyone’s mind: Is Rockhopper okay?

Yarr: He’s fine; just a little up tight about the Migrator. He loved that ship. He also liked the pizza you guys sent out. I like the pepperoni he gives me. He says thank you for everything man. Blankets, support, pizza, coffee, ice cream, a new dress for the Mrs. … everything!

Paints: Well, we say he’s welcom- did you say Mrs.???

Yarr: Uh… no?

Paints: Okay. Well, thank you for this interview.

Yarr: No prob bro. If you’ll excuse me, I’m goona look for the octopus some more with my telescope.


Well, we have been told it is too dangerous for Rockhopper to sail in a row boat back to Rockhopper Island, so for now, he will remain at Club Penguin. Thanks for reading, I’m Charm, have a great night.

News Brief Ends


Well, Rockhopper is fine! Thank goodness! We’ll have more in tomorrow’s paper I’m sure!


Waddle On Mateys!




1. jshushij - January 24, 2008


2. Ephrem - January 24, 2008

he was already ok

3. Ephrem - January 24, 2008

repeater, sail vol plait

P.S its on French 🙂

4. Saunt - January 25, 2008

sail vol plait

5. Saunt - January 25, 2008

hey everyone im going to be using to names now-Saunt and cyberguy5.

6. jshushij - January 26, 2008

guys i just saw rockhopper at mamoth at the dock, beach, town, snowforts, iceburg, cove, plaza, forest, and dojo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive also seen him in parka, frozen, mittens, and many of the left-hand american servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. zizzlez - January 26, 2008

cool lol hi charms tell him i said hi HI YARR!

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