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Newspaper: 1-17-08 January 17, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! The new newspaper is out!

Click me for the paper!

Well, there’s not much information on the Migrator scene! We still need more information, so I’m just going to say that! The Winter Fiesta-val is tomorrow and will last until the 20th, so make sure to get your fiesta on! The Featured Game is Ice Hockey. Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Penguin Style catalogs and penguins breaking the rules. Finally, the secret is on Special Dances. Then there’s the regular jokes, comics, puzzles, and riddles. (There’s a note for Secret Agents too; I got this decoded version from funguin.wordpress.com. It reads:

Attention Agent

The PSA is almost ready to question the crab. Further instruction coming soon. PS This message will self destruct.

Get ready!)

Waddle On Mateys!



Sorry this is late, but there is a fiesta sneak peek released! Here it is:



1. Saunt - January 17, 2008

hey everyone who reads this, my penguin’s birthday is on saturday. it will be officially 365 days old on saturday, january 19th 2008. since im not a member, i cant do anything special. also, i wont be home the entire day so i cant throw a party. anyone, thats my news.

2. zizzlez - January 17, 2008

u know ill be there dude!

3. liam199 - January 20, 2008

hey can i have credit i did that first you took it off my site dude

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