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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…. January 11, 2008

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EDIT: Everyone! Please vote for my good friend Emtek77 in the Penguin Oscar Awards! Vote for her by clicking this link!!!  Thank you!!!

…no! It’s the newest play to hit the Stage! Ahoy Mateys! Today, my personal favorite play to be released so far has hit Club Penguin. It is called Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal and includes a complete superhero costume! Guys get Shadow Guy, girls Gamma Gal. Here’s a picture of the set:


and also, there is a Squidzoid costume I forgot to mention! There’s a new script, new costume trunk, and new theme! I love this! I will wear that costume for like… ever!

Also, the heart emote is back. Club Penguin thought about it, and it’s coming back. There’s a sneak peek of Mission 6 as well. Here it is:

Well, I’ve thought about it, and I’ll tell you, I’m keeping my igloo like that. I wanted to make a Penguin Idol somewhat, but I need to know who would do it. It would be a weekly show, and there would be 3 judges. (I was thinking zizzle for Simon- just a thought.) Well, comment below on what you think. Guess that’s the news for now!

Up Up and Away Mateys!

Shadow Guy RockhopperTracker



1. Ephrem - January 11, 2008

i play as shadow guy! 🙂

2. jshushij - January 11, 2008

oh can i be a judge?

3. zizzlez - January 12, 2008

well,i always wanted to be simon hes the senstive 1 ! lol but i mite have to talk the way he does 😈

4. zizzlez - January 12, 2008

guys its funguin cp b day go there shes 265 days old GO! 😉

5. zizzlez - January 12, 2008

I MEAN 365!

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