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Newspaper: 1-10-08 January 10, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! Today’s paper is out!


The new play at the Stage is going to be released tomorrow, so be sure to save up coins for costumes, and work on your acting! Also, we finally receive word of the Winter Fiesta-val, which will be coming out next week, to get rid of your winter blues! People are saying the new wigs rock! I agree! The wigs this time around are better than the last. I like the Sunstriker alot! On Monday, there will be a new Igloo Storage system released, which will be much neater than before.  The Featured Game is Sled Racing. Aunt Arctic talks about old issues of the paper, which you can get in the Boiler Room, and about backgrounds, which some may not be available do to older penguins. The Tips and Secrets are on how to become a Secret Agent, and there’s the regular puzzles, jokes, riddles, poems, and comics.

Also, forget the thing in my igloo. It’s not important enough, so I think I might not do it. I’ll have a definite answer tomorrow.

Waddle On Mateys!




1. jshushij - January 11, 2008


2. jshushij - January 11, 2008

oh and nice igloo i saw it

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