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Quitting CP Forever January 31, 2008

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PSYCH! No, I think it’s kinda getting bored (blogging that is- I wanna work on fun stuff), so the puffles let me work on their site now. I’ll be on their a little more then on this site. Sorry. But, I’ll post when its needed. Things I will post for:

  • Parties
  • Rockhopper
  • Catalogs
  • New games, plays, puffles, ect.

Things I won’t post for:

  • pins (well, I actually might)
  • newspaper
  • New igloo music (its stupid really)
  • other things

Sorry for you disappointed people. But I’m doing it. Check out the puffle’s site. It’s fun. Really.


Well, I’ll see ya tomorrow (or will I?)

Waddle On Mateys!


Cheer Up Mateys! and Stage Sneak Peek! January 31, 2008

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While people worry about Rockhopper’s future, just remember:

1: He’s a pirate, and will always be tough. Arrgh!

2: Ships come and go, and we can always rebuild. You can’t rebuild Rockhopper

3: People are sad cuz his journal’s gone. No its not! Look and behold:

 The Journal Of Captain Rockhopper

Also, the paper will be out tomorrow, and I won’t post it. Sorry! But, to make you feel better, here’s two things. A free pie *throws pie* Eat up! And a sneak peek at the new Stage play from Billybob!

My money’s on American Idol theme. (Or Canadian Idol ,wherever you live!)


Waddle On Mateys!


Rockhopper Support Club© January 26, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! This post is epically for Rockhopper’s Warriors, my online war goers. I want you to go around Club Penguin, anywhere, and spread Rockhopper Support. The Captain has been through a heck of alot, and needs our support. You could wear red, use the heart icon for Rockhopper, or spread the word about the RSC. Just help.

Also, sorry I didn’t post the paper. I made a post for it, but it didn’t get posted. It just tells you about Rockhopper.

Waddle On Mateys!


*Ringleader of the RSC- Rockhopper Support Club ©*

Pirate In A Rowboat: Rockhopper’s Return in 2008 January 23, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! Rockhopper has returned to the shores of Club Penguin after his devstating crash last Wednesday. The ship is still in the Telescope, so check it out! He brought his rowboat, and here’s a picture of it!


And the free item isn’t that much of “treasure”, but Rockhopper has brought us extra life jackets, in case this ever happens to us!


Well, we wanted to know how Rockhopper is, but he wasn’t available for an interview. Who would we ask? Who has been with this pirate all week? We now go to our correspondents Paints and Charm for an exclusive interview with Yarr, Rockhopper’s friendly puffle. (more…)

Puffles with the News! January 23, 2008

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Heyy! It’s Charm! And Paints! Now we sometimes post on Shred’s site! Yeah, I figured out his password. It was pretty easy. Shred’s password was ******* (Shred’s comment: Hey! Don’t give out my password on the internet!) If Shred’s busy finding the long lost city of Ginormoustranchutybdcity (which doesn’t exist- I just made it up so he doesn’t watch us alot at home! :D) or is busy with something else, we will post! We don’t mind! We like it! And, we like to be in charge! So…let’s get to some news!


If we write in purple, it’s both of us talking so don’t think we adopted another puffle. Too many to handle… Anyway, Billybob made a post with the new mission update! He said that the new blog won’t be up and working until a few days, so be patient!

Many people ask me, Charm, if puffles can be secret agents. Well, you can! I am a secret agent for the PSSSS (Puffle’s Secrets Stay Secret Society) where we make sure penguins don’t find out about how smart we really are. Yeah, we could like take over all of Club Penguin with our smarts! Beware penguins! Paints is a PSSSS member too! Yep, and I’m proud! Oops, guys I gotta run. Sunflower’s here… Hey! You didn’t tell me she was coming! I wanna skip rope with her! Yeah, about that… *locks Charm in puffle house* Ok, I’ll let you come out when she’s gone! Bye guys!

~Charm & Paints

New Mission Finally Revealed! January 22, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! The new mission is finally out! Here’s a picture:


And here’s some tips for you!

  • Bears like seaweed pizzas
  • Puffle O’s and Hot Sauce are a fiery concoction
  • Black Puffle are like crabs in some ways
  • Black puffles love Puffle O’s
  • Anchors can lift some things up

Well, that’s all I can tell you! Good luck agent!

Waddle On Mateys!


Fiesta Time! January 18, 2008

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 Ahoy Amigos! Today begins Club Penguin’s fiesta party! There is one new item, maracas. Same as last year, just labeled with the word “festive” this year. Also, the handles have changed. You can find those at the Dance Club.  There is a new pin, the sombrero. It can be found in the Forest. The donkey pinnate is up above. Move your mouse over it two times, and the pin lands on the rock.  All in all, this isn’t the best party ever, but it’s a better fiesta party.Well, I want to start something new. I will rate every party CP has starting with this party. Here’s my review for this party:

Fiesta Party 2008: 4 out of 5 stars

Also, I know there’s the new furniture catalog, I’ll get to that later, so look for updates. There will be a change to the CP blog on Monday also.


Waddle On Amigos!


Newspaper: 1-17-08 January 17, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! The new newspaper is out!

Click me for the paper!

Well, there’s not much information on the Migrator scene! We still need more information, so I’m just going to say that! The Winter Fiesta-val is tomorrow and will last until the 20th, so make sure to get your fiesta on! The Featured Game is Ice Hockey. Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Penguin Style catalogs and penguins breaking the rules. Finally, the secret is on Special Dances. Then there’s the regular jokes, comics, puzzles, and riddles. (There’s a note for Secret Agents too; I got this decoded version from funguin.wordpress.com. It reads:

Attention Agent

The PSA is almost ready to question the crab. Further instruction coming soon. PS This message will self destruct.

Get ready!)

Waddle On Mateys!



Sorry this is late, but there is a fiesta sneak peek released! Here it is:

Rockhopper Crashed January 16, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys. The title says it all. Here’s a picture.


And here’s the whole tale.

Click me 

Luckily, he and Yarr escaped on a rowboat. I guess this needs more information. We’ll see tomorrow’s newspaper I guess.


The Migrator


October 2006- January 2008


Waddle On Mateys!


Meebo! January 15, 2008

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Ahoy Mateys! Over on the corner is a Meebo chatbox. I had an old one, called Rockhopper Talk, but I lost the account. So, I created a new one.  I am usually on, so if I’m on, feel free to say hello and talk to me. Just don’t curse. Just like the phony me on the About RockhopperTracker page, phonys are stupid. So please ignore. There will be Meebo Rules put up shortly, so just wait and see!

Waddle On Mateys!