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Happy New Year! December 31, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Ahoy Mateys! Well, here we are. Another year in Club Penguin. Well, let’s look at the past year.


  • Flooring in Club Penguin Starts
  • The Winter Fiesta party begins


  • Rockhopper Returns, ship completely wrecked
  • Festival of Ice party begins
  • Pizzatron 3000 is released


  • Bambadee sneaks aboard on Rockhopper’s ship
  •  St. Patrick’s Day party begins
  • Rockhopper writes a story about Bambadee; Book Room finally adds stories


  • April Fools Day party begins
  • Lighthouse stage opens, allowing bands to play music
  •  Easter Egg hunt begins


  • Migrator Ship Hold opens
  •  Pirate Party Begins
  • Dance Floor flooring released causing concert mania
  • Cove and Forest found, then lost, then found again, then released


  • Catchin’ Waves released; storm level released later in June
  • Summer Party 2007 begins


  • Club Penguin deals with leak in Pool, nearly drowns entire island
  • Water Party begins
  • Fish Bowl igloo released


  • Mission 4 released, avalanche caused at the Mountain
  • rockhoppertracker.wordpress.com is started!
  • Camping Party begins
  • Sport Shop releases sport items
  • Rockhopper brings surprise cargo


  • Rockhopper’s cargo accidentally opened; revealing a Fall Fair
  • Fall Fair begins


  • 2nd Year Anniversary party begins
  • Wigs released
  • Halloween party begins
  • Yellow puffle spotted!


  • Surprise Party voting begins
  • Yellow puffle begins to be looked into by Secret Agents
  • Surprise Party is announced; the Western Party won
  • The Stage is built in the Plaza, allowing penguins to express themselves
  • Yellow Puffle is available to be bought


  • Coins for Change begins, allowing penguins to donate coins to good causes
  • Christmas party begins
  • Coins for Change ends, showing penguins donated 2 billion coins all together
  • Shreddude87, my penguin, becomes a member
  • Fireworks begin in Club Penguin, kicking off the New Year, and a mysterious iceberg is spotted in the Telescope

Well, all in all, this has been a great year. I thank you all for being there fort his site, and I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

Also, I have decided what will happen to the pages. Some will be deleted, such as Pixel Penguins  (if you want to keep yours, copy it into your file; I lost some Pixel Penguins when we had a server issue in September.) and some will be combined! So, wait and see!

Waddle On (into 2008) Mateys!




1. zizzlez - December 31, 2007

umm its just new years eve. its not really new years
Shred: I know, but I won’t be posting tomorrow.

2. zizzlez - December 31, 2007

can u also put my youtube on!? mine is zizzleztime but i havent added any vids!

3. jshushij - December 31, 2007

cool i cant wait zizzle to watch some of your movies
also im in mexico and im not on the computer alot because im on vacation but were throwing a HUGE new years party lasting till about 4:00am!

4. zizzlez - December 31, 2007

weel umm ya see i dont have any vids lol. i cant upload until next week or the newxt 2 weeks lol. bummer for me

5. Ephrem - December 31, 2007

thanks RT, you too

6. zizzlez - January 1, 2008

hey no happy new year!! until I SAY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U GUYS HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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