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Fireworks! December 28, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Ahoy Mateys! Fireworks have been going off around Club Penguin at the Iceburg and Mountain Top.



Also, look through the Beacon’s telescope and you will spy a mini Iceburg! What could this be?


Well, in other news, I have gotten the book Diary of A Puffle 2 (DOAP2 for short) nearly thought out! All I need to do is write it down… But why let my misfortune of just adding one more thing to my to-do list trouble you? Be merry! Download the newest wallpaper for your computer at flamerstale.wordpress.com at Flamer’s Page! And while you’re at it, check out the newest puffles to blog, Paints and Charm! My new puffles can be found at thepufflediaries.wordpress.com! Well ,that’s the news!

Waddle On Mateys!


PS: Many of you have been wondering, why is it snowing on the website??? Well, WordPress has allowed sites to let it snow on their pages! Sadly, this ends January 2nd. So, hope that’s cleared up!

EDIT: Sorry! I need to post his header to get it to go on my site. Sorry all! (For The Puffle Diaries)




1. zizzlez - December 28, 2007

i hope rockhoppers ok did he hit a mini iceberg and the it cracked or did sombody tip the ice berg!?

2. rockhoppertracker - December 28, 2007

i think the iceburg may be breaking!

3. zizzlez - December 28, 2007

uh oh :opps: 😦

4. jshushij - December 28, 2007

cool and when you have time will you please update the cheats, videos, and fan finction ❓ dont rush ❗

5. jshushij - December 29, 2007

im just wondering… is that part of the iceburg or just drifting ice…

6. jshushij - December 29, 2007

oh and 16,000 hits whoo yay that was a really fast 1,000 hits from 15,000 to 16,000 i cant believe how fast that took

7. Ephrem - December 29, 2007

oh yeah not that!

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