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Psssst! December 27, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Hi everyone! It’s me, Flamer! I’m Shred’s puffle! To learn more about me, go to the page, Diary of a Puffle! I have news about the second story of me and my friends! It will begin in March, and a website will be published for it! The website has been registered, and is called:


Go here for updates on the story! Remember: the tale will be published in March, so don’t expect it to be out right away! Bye!



NOTE: For those of you still itching for puffle diaries, I’ve made a new website. This will still go on even after Diary of a Puffle 2, so check it out! http://thepufflediaries.wordpress.com/



1. jshushij - December 28, 2007

wow how many websites do you have now?

Shred: A lot. The reason is if that I ever have a problem with this site, I can always go to another, so I can always have backups, just in case.

2. jshushij - December 28, 2007

hey shred, the new years thing started and there are fireworks at the iceburg and ski mountain and ice floating in the telescope!

3. Ephrem - December 28, 2007

oh, so flamer is a puffle! i thought it was a guy
Shred:Well, Flamer was the star of a book I wrote called Diary of a PUFFLE…lol

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