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Merry Christmas! December 24, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

UPDATE: Use this website I’ve created to track Santa!

On behalf of the whole RockhopperTracker team, we’d like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas! Later today, Christmas music will be put on the site. There will be no post tomorrow if the Christmas Scarf will be released, because of Christmas.

Happy Holidays Mateys!




1. jshushij - December 24, 2007

ok thanks for the hard work shred ❗

2. Funguin - December 24, 2007

I agree!

3. Ephrem - December 24, 2007

me too

4. jshushij - December 25, 2007

hey shred, can we have a party for 15,000 views because we have over 15,050!
Shred: Yes, we’ll have a party, I just need time to plan it. I will get on it when I get a chance.

5. Saunt - December 25, 2007

oh i saw that santa tracker thing on msnbc

6. zizzlez - December 25, 2007

ITS CHRSTMAS DAY CELBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. jshushij - December 25, 2007

hey shred, can you make another post about the Christmas scarf because its at the ski village and its REALLY rare
Shred:I’ve known this, and tomorrow, I will make a whole post on it. I do discuss it somewhat on my newest blog post on IceTube (which you all should join), so check that out

8. zizzlez - December 25, 2007

guys im about to have a party because i have alomst 1,000 hits on my site once i get 1,000 hits and im ganna thro a party and im ganna open presents on my site if ur wonder present on a iste well its ture u can get me a present on my site just leave it under the chatbox im ganna open them at 8:00 if u want to come

9. jshushij - December 26, 2007

ok cool

10. jshushij - December 26, 2007

dude! this website is so popular that weve already went from 15,050 to 15,610 in a couple of days! wow!

11. zizzlez - December 26, 2007

i need more pages for my site i dont even have 1,000 hits yet!

PS: thanks for the laptop shred i will use it almost everyday lol!

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