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It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas! December 21, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.


Ahoy Mateys! I love the new party! Love it! The free items are:

  • Reindeer Antlers (Dock)
  • Santa Hat (Old Item) (Snow Forts)

    The rooms decorated out number the ones not! The music is new (well, most of it) and all of the n00bs across the island actually cheer me up! There will be a merry and happy holiday on Club Penguin with all the penguins and santas and reindeer. The new pin is at the Lodge Attic and is a wreath. The nice thing is that the old tree is back from last year. Remember the one we decorated last year? Well, its in the Lodge….it doesn’t fit completely, so there’s a hole in the top of the Attic, and the little star shins out. How fitting. I’d like to take this and wish any of you a happy holiday and a great new year. You’ve all been good in my book, so hope you get presents.

    Waddle On Mateys!




    1. rockhoppertracker - December 21, 2007

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Or, as I say, Merry Kwanzacuhmas!

    2. jshushij - December 21, 2007

    really i call it chanawanaquanza but that doesnt matter
    nice job cp! good party!

    3. Funguin - December 21, 2007


    4. Ephrem - December 22, 2007

    Youppi! its Christmas!

    5. zizzlez - December 22, 2007


    6. Gizmo - December 22, 2007

    go to Disney An Cps wordpress. the link is http://www.clubpenguinnewitems.wordpress.com

    7. zizzlez - December 22, 2007

    omg a mod cam to your site dude

    8. jshushij - December 23, 2007

    hes not really a modeator he just uses gizmo’s name

    9. Ephrem - December 23, 2007

    is that a cp mod?

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