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Quick Question December 4, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Ahoy Mateys! Shred is turning 1 year old on Friday, and I don’t know what t odo! Vote on the poll for me  to know:


Waddle On Mateys!




1. jshushij - December 4, 2007

well other than the two year mark this is one of the biggest age parties! throw the biggest party ever!

2. Ephrem - December 4, 2007

im going to have a birthday party on February 7 on cp, lol

3. jshushij - December 4, 2007


4. Ephrem - December 4, 2007

go to the chatbox and see

5. jshushij - December 4, 2007

ok im going

6. Saunt - December 5, 2007

hey everyone im back. sorry ive been gone for a while. anyone, on the post “Yellow Puffle” someone said that im the one framing zizzlez! its not me. everyone, please believe me. it wasnt me! and, i also couldnt get on clubpenguin because someone was going around as me, as it said that you r logged on another computer. im serious guys, someone is framing me. please believe me!!!!

7. zizzlez - December 5, 2007

ok i belive u but go to the sever frozen right now at the dock its 4:00 cp time go noow santa is there!!!!!!

8. Saunt - December 5, 2007

guys! why wont you believe me shreddude! im serious! whoever is framing me and zizzlez apparently hates us! please, please, please believe me! i didnt do it! im innocent! please believe me!!!!!

9. jshushij - December 5, 2007

ok i believe you but i want some proof

10. Saunt - December 5, 2007

well what kind of proof, jshushij?

11. zizzlez - December 6, 2007

yeah what kind!

12. Saunt - December 6, 2007

please dont help zizzlez

13. zizzlez - December 6, 2007

uhh ok few

14. jshushij - December 6, 2007

i dont know did you ever give away your email to anyone zizzle? if you did than anyone could of commented as you

15. jshushij - December 6, 2007

and i was checking comments and now someone framed ephrem and zizzle as well as saunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. jshushij - December 6, 2007

delete the messages theres swearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17. Ephrem - December 6, 2007

guys,thats enough now

18. jshushij - December 6, 2007

no the comments that swear should be deleted but you shouldnt ephrem because i know that you were framed by someone else you wouldnt swear like that

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