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Happy New Year! December 31, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! Well, here we are. Another year in Club Penguin. Well, let’s look at the past year.


  • Flooring in Club Penguin Starts
  • The Winter Fiesta party begins


  • Rockhopper Returns, ship completely wrecked
  • Festival of Ice party begins
  • Pizzatron 3000 is released


  • Bambadee sneaks aboard on Rockhopper’s ship
  •  St. Patrick’s Day party begins
  • Rockhopper writes a story about Bambadee; Book Room finally adds stories


  • April Fools Day party begins
  • Lighthouse stage opens, allowing bands to play music
  •  Easter Egg hunt begins


  • Migrator Ship Hold opens
  •  Pirate Party Begins
  • Dance Floor flooring released causing concert mania
  • Cove and Forest found, then lost, then found again, then released


  • Catchin’ Waves released; storm level released later in June
  • Summer Party 2007 begins


  • Club Penguin deals with leak in Pool, nearly drowns entire island
  • Water Party begins
  • Fish Bowl igloo released


  • Mission 4 released, avalanche caused at the Mountain
  • rockhoppertracker.wordpress.com is started!
  • Camping Party begins
  • Sport Shop releases sport items
  • Rockhopper brings surprise cargo


  • Rockhopper’s cargo accidentally opened; revealing a Fall Fair
  • Fall Fair begins


  • 2nd Year Anniversary party begins
  • Wigs released
  • Halloween party begins
  • Yellow puffle spotted!


  • Surprise Party voting begins
  • Yellow puffle begins to be looked into by Secret Agents
  • Surprise Party is announced; the Western Party won
  • The Stage is built in the Plaza, allowing penguins to express themselves
  • Yellow Puffle is available to be bought


  • Coins for Change begins, allowing penguins to donate coins to good causes
  • Christmas party begins
  • Coins for Change ends, showing penguins donated 2 billion coins all together
  • Shreddude87, my penguin, becomes a member
  • Fireworks begin in Club Penguin, kicking off the New Year, and a mysterious iceberg is spotted in the Telescope

Well, all in all, this has been a great year. I thank you all for being there fort his site, and I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

Also, I have decided what will happen to the pages. Some will be deleted, such as Pixel Penguins  (if you want to keep yours, copy it into your file; I lost some Pixel Penguins when we had a server issue in September.) and some will be combined! So, wait and see!

Waddle On (into 2008) Mateys!


Check out The Puffle Diaries!(And Page Deletion) December 30, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! Be sure to check out the two newest blogging puffles! My Charm and Paints post almost everyday on their life as puffles! Check out all the humor, drama, and fun my puffles have at my igloo! Be sure to check them out everyday so you never miss a new diary entry! Find them at: thepufflediaries.wordpress.com. Also, be sure to vote on the post below on what pages go by January 2nd.

Waddle On Mateys!


Questions For All December 29, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! I have a question for you guys. I need to delete some pages. Here’s what I’d like to go:

  • Pixel Penguins
  • Find Five
  • Videos
  • Hall of Fame
  • Poll of the Week
  • Chatbox (no worries; I’ll add it to the blogroll)
  • Advertise and Chat
  • Diary of a Puffle (add to Fan Fiction)
  • Cool Things from CP (?)
  • The History of Club Penguin (keep, but don’t update with free items and pins)

Well, that’s what I’d like to go. You can respond, and if enough people want something to stay, I’ll keep it. But, if you don’t care for it, or am not sure, speak now; the pages I say are going down, (unless really wanted) on January 2nd, 2008.

Also, I would like an admin on my site. Someone who could post on somethings when I’m busy. Somone who has a WordPress that I can trust. If you’d like to, please comment below. (Oh and BTW, if I don’t know you from CP, you’re out.)

Waddle On Mateys!


Fireworks! December 28, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! Fireworks have been going off around Club Penguin at the Iceburg and Mountain Top.



Also, look through the Beacon’s telescope and you will spy a mini Iceburg! What could this be?


Well, in other news, I have gotten the book Diary of A Puffle 2 (DOAP2 for short) nearly thought out! All I need to do is write it down… But why let my misfortune of just adding one more thing to my to-do list trouble you? Be merry! Download the newest wallpaper for your computer at flamerstale.wordpress.com at Flamer’s Page! And while you’re at it, check out the newest puffles to blog, Paints and Charm! My new puffles can be found at thepufflediaries.wordpress.com! Well ,that’s the news!

Waddle On Mateys!


PS: Many of you have been wondering, why is it snowing on the website??? Well, WordPress has allowed sites to let it snow on their pages! Sadly, this ends January 2nd. So, hope that’s cleared up!

EDIT: Sorry! I need to post his header to get it to go on my site. Sorry all! (For The Puffle Diaries)


Psssst! December 27, 2007

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Hi everyone! It’s me, Flamer! I’m Shred’s puffle! To learn more about me, go to the page, Diary of a Puffle! I have news about the second story of me and my friends! It will begin in March, and a website will be published for it! The website has been registered, and is called:


Go here for updates on the story! Remember: the tale will be published in March, so don’t expect it to be out right away! Bye!



NOTE: For those of you still itching for puffle diaries, I’ve made a new website. This will still go on even after Diary of a Puffle 2, so check it out! http://thepufflediaries.wordpress.com/

Party’s Started! December 26, 2007

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Hey all, just a reminder my party’s started in the Snow Forts on the American server Tuxedo, and I’ll be there as long as you’re there! If no one shows up in the next half an hour, the party’s canceled until later. Hope you come!


The party’s rescheduled until further notice. Sorry if you were planning to come. -Shred 

Party News December 26, 2007

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Sorry, I don’t have time to make an invitation. This is out of the comment I wrote:

Also, today, I will have a party for becoming a member, 15,000 hits, and my birthday today @ 1:00 PM PST on the server Tuxedo in the Snow Forts. I will be on CP and my chatbox and IceTube so come to either or all! Hope you can all come! -Shred

Waddle On Mateys!


EDIT: I’m there now, and will be for awhile, so if you want to come and say hi, be my guest! 🙂

News For Wednesday!UPDATED!!! December 26, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! Today is Boxing Day in Canada! Happy Boxing Day! (No, I’m not Canadian.) This week ,there’s been some pretty big news. This post will be updated over the course of today ,as there is an extra special piece of news I can’t wait to tell you. Well, the Christmas Scarf, one of CP’s rarest items has come out for the Christmas party, which is causing controversy.. Also, the newest newspaper says that we help by donating over 2 billion coins to Coins For Change! Also, there will be a New Year’s surprise starting Friday (fireworks?). Well, that’s all the news SO FAR. Check back later today for more news!

Waddle On Mateys!


UPDATE: Ok ,the moment is over, the secret let out. The big news is….

































Shred’s a member!


Merry Christmas! December 24, 2007

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UPDATE: Use this website I’ve created to track Santa!

On behalf of the whole RockhopperTracker team, we’d like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas! Later today, Christmas music will be put on the site. There will be no post tomorrow if the Christmas Scarf will be released, because of Christmas.

Happy Holidays Mateys!


Diary of a Puffle Now Completed! December 23, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! The first story of Flamer and all his friends is now finished, with surprising twists, new characters, and a romance blooming! Be sure to check it out! The second story will begin in March, which will be called Diary of a Puffle 2. It might be renamed, but we’ll see. Happy Holidays All!

Merry Christmas Mateys!