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Coins For Change! November 28, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Ahoy Mateys! Club Penguin is launching a new way for you to help children around the world called Coins For Change! Soon, you will be able to donate Club Penguin coins in the game to help children with illness! More information will be given on tomorrow’s newspaper! I will promise I will donate all of my coins!

Waddle On Mateys!


EDIT: I met fano today! Here’s a picture!


Also, we’re getting close to the party!




1. jshushij - November 28, 2007


2. jshushij - November 28, 2007

ohh and is fano a famous penguin ive never heard of him before

3. Ephrem - November 29, 2007

if you are a famous penguin you can get banned for that so i dont want to be famous 😀

4. zizzlez - November 29, 2007

im ganna be famous soon im ganna make vids and only hypercam vids and my hobbie will be detrroying ppl igloss muhahahhaha! 👿 and ill do my famous buddies house and mabey a moderetiors house muahhaha 👿

5. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007

DUDE!!!!!! URGENT NEWS! I AM ALSO 356 IN CLUB PENGUIN TODAY! CHECK OUT MY SITE http://CPFANATIC.WORDPRESS.COM TO SEE WHEN MY PARTY IS! WE STARTED ON THE SAME DAY! lets see you posted this today on the 28th and its still the 28th and im also 356!! thats amazing first i find out my one of my best buds in cp started their site on the same day as me now i find out you started the same day as me on club penguin!
Shred: First of all, let me say I love your site! It’s awesome! And second, maybe we could have a party on the same day for both of us!

6. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007

that person i was talking about that i said was one of my best buds, just to let you know, that was kickecon his site is http://clubpenguinlosers.wordpress.com

7. R2DP/CPfanatic - November 29, 2007
8. Ephrem - November 29, 2007

no you wont zizzle, you only think about yourself

9. zizzlez - November 30, 2007

shred uve only met fano 1 time omg ive met him like 5 times its ok dude i wasent tryimng to be mean!

10. Ephrem - November 30, 2007

oh boy

11. rockhoppertracker - November 30, 2007

zizzle, ive met him before, but its the first time I got him on camera!

12. jshushij - November 30, 2007

what server does he usually go on? and is he considered famous?

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