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Surprise Party and Header Announcement! November 23, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! Surprise? This is one of the worst parties ever. The only good things were the good items, which Club Penguin made up for in lack of decoration. The free items are the bandanna, and the stagecoach and western sunset backgrounds. Now comes for the party.  It’s terribly done. The music sounds to me like a a ripoff of the Irish Music put to a banjo. The only rooms that got decorated are: Town, Plaza, Dock, Dance Club, Snow Forts, Forest, and Cove. That’s it. THAT’S IT??!!?? They have so many rooms that would look great if they got decorated! Beach! Lighthouse! Pizza Parlor! Why only choose the ones you decorated from the beginning and add in the Cove and Forest? Ugh……Well, at least next party has to be Christmas. That’ll be nice. Maybe Club Penguin can work this out within that time. Sorry if I sounded really angry in there. I’m not really. Just, this is kinda disappointing to me. Well, we have a winner for our Header Contest. The winner is…….Header 3! Header 3 won by 10 votes over Header 4, making Header 4 our runner up! 3rd is Header 2, and last place is Header 1. Honorable  Mention: Header 5. Header 3, which has been renamed by me, The Tracker, will be up today, so you can all see it. So, that ends the Header contest. Just a few things to tell you and I’m off.

  • The new pin is hidden in the Cove, as a needle in a haystack. Here’s a picture:


  • Here’s a picture of the party from the Dance Club.


Waddle On Mateys!




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