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New Pages for 10,000 Views! November 23, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Just a little note, today I added two brand new pages to the site. One is poll of the week, which is a poll that you can vote on every week. The second one is The History of Club Penguin, showing everything that’s happened in Club Penguin so far! Hope you enjoy! These are for getting 10,000 views on the site! When we get 20,000, I’ll throw a party! Thanks for 10,000 views!

Waddle On Mateys!


EDIT: Some of you may be wondering why this^ is appearing over the site. The reason is… I just think it looks cool.  🙂



1. jshushij - November 24, 2007

wow this site is growing so fast

2. Funguin - November 24, 2007

its shocking how fast this site grows!!!
u no im ur friend
(Thats how I used to ‘sign off’ I haven’t used it in awhile. Do you think I should start using it again?)

3. Funguin - November 24, 2007

Please comment about what I said at the end, and what you think.

4. rockhoppertracker - November 24, 2007

i say try something. u no im ur friedn just doesnt sound right to me. no effence

5. Funguin - November 24, 2007

its okay

6. jshushij - November 26, 2007

yeah i like the idea of ending all of your posts with somthing though

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