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Party! November 17, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Ahoy Mateys! The 5000 views party is starting! Come on down! Look at the invite to get instructions! Come soon! Quick change: The party is in Frozen in the Boiler Room, unless it gets to full, and it starts at 12:30 PM PST.(The time is changed to 5:00 PM PST!) I will also be on my chatbox, which you can get to through my page.

The party was last night, in the Boiler Room, in Frozen, and I was there for over 15 minutes. Since no one came but Funguin, we had to find a party, so we went to the Dock and got a group of dancing penguins to celebrate. Here are a few pictures:


Thanks to everyone who partied with us! If you couldn’t come or missed it, hope you can come to the next one!

Waddle On Mateys!




1. zizzlez - November 17, 2007

dude im sorry im goin to see a movie mabey tomorrow !at the same time!im sorry i thought i was going to make it srry !!

2. jshushij - November 17, 2007

yay i might be able to make it!
my soccer team had two games and we won both i scored twice and played goalie
anyway, cant wait for the party!

3. Funguin - November 17, 2007

I think i can make it YAYNESS!!!

4. Funguin - November 17, 2007

but I can only be there a half hour

5. jshushij - November 17, 2007


6. jshushij - November 17, 2007

sorry that was supposed to make a soccer ball (so) works on the chatbox

7. jshushij - November 17, 2007

:$ :@

8. jshushij - November 17, 2007

good luck to all that can come to the party its going to be great

9. zizzlez - November 17, 2007

dude i can make it yay!

10. zizzlez - November 17, 2007

guys i cant come can u do it tomorrow i mit be able to visit it tomorrow plz i dont wont to miss it!!!

11. rockhoppertracker - November 17, 2007

Guys, I m,ight be a little late but i will come. Zizzle, Im sorry its tonight i cant change it

12. jshushij - November 18, 2007

hey where are you right now

13. jshushij - November 18, 2007

dude the party is starting right now!

14. rockhoppertracker - November 18, 2007

im going on!

15. rockhoppertracker - November 18, 2007

anyone here? get on club penguin!

16. jshushij - November 18, 2007

i was on but you werent there

17. jshushij - November 18, 2007


18. jshushij - November 18, 2007

i cant seem to find you

19. Funguin - November 18, 2007

the party is over

20. zizzlez - November 18, 2007

sign oh man dang it!!! sign 😦

21. jshushij - November 18, 2007

i couldnt find him

22. jshushij - November 18, 2007

where was the party i didnt find it

23. Ephrem - November 18, 2007

me too, there was no party, you lied!

24. jshushij - November 19, 2007

sry i didnt see you i was waiting in the boiler room for a an hour and a half!

25. jshushij - November 19, 2007

i also went to the dock but i didnt see you. i saw a big group of penguins though and i hung out a bit.

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