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Halloween Party! October 26, 2007

Posted by Shred in Uncategorized.

Ahoy Mateys! Club Penguin’s annual Halloween party is taking place. And Club Penguin is experiencing a solar eclipse! Here’s a picture:


Also, there is a candy hunt! Here’s all the places to find the candy!

1: Pizza Parlor, in the organ

2: Coffee Shop, candy basket

3: Forest, one of the trees

4: Beacon, right side

5: Ski Lodge, Mullet’s eye

6: Dance Club, click on the puffle, answers to the riddle is Happy Halloween

7: Mountain, on the scarecrow

8: Cove, in the binoculars

Here’s a picture of all of them from Badger 7. His website is in my blogroll, so check him out.

The prize for finding them all is the Halloween scarf!

The pin is a Spider, but I can’t get it yet! Grrrr……. It’s at the Cave, so try to get it.

In ther news, remember the Header Contest! Click on the page if you forget!

Waddle On Mateys!




1. Funguin - October 27, 2007

This might be my favorite party yet!!!! 🙂

2. rockhoppertracker - October 27, 2007

Yeah! I agree!

3. jshushij - November 1, 2007

heres how 2 get da pin
click on the wall behind da spider
if u move yo mouse ova da spider, it will move
so move yo mouse around da spida and click on da wall behind it

4. gordie416 - November 2, 2007

I might be tuning in and giving you some information. However, I want credit. You also might want to type a bit faster.

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