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New Clothing Catalog: October October 5, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! The new clothing catalog came out! Here’s the cover:


And here are the secrets!


  • Click on the middle of the dress of the princess for fairy wings.
  • Click on the designer glasses to get the swim goggles.
  • Click on the penguins head where the colors are to get the red viking helmet. click and open it 4 times to get the blue viking helmet.
  • Click on the wheels of the blue roller skates to get the red electric guitar.

Now for the new items!


  • Bee Antenna (200)
  • Bee wings (350)
  • Bee Costume (450)
  • Skeleton (450, Old item)
  • Princess hat (300)
  • Magic wand (150)
  • Princess costume (550)
  • Clown Wig (210, Old item)
  • Clown Suit (450, Old item)
  • Clown shoes (300, Old item)
  • Ghost costume (600, Old item)
  •  Magician Cape (550)
  • Four new backgrounds! One’s a candy background, one’s a scary tree background, and one’s an igloo door background! (60)

And also, the new way to dress your penguin will be coming! Billybob said so in a post on the blog today! Here’s a picture of the gift Shop, getting ready for the new way to dress your penguin!


Waddle On Mateys!

-RockhopperTracker and the Gang



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