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Fall Fair! September 21, 2007

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Ahoy Mateys! Today Club Penguin’s BIGGEST party came out! The Fall Fair! Almost all of the main rooms are decked out for this celebration brought to us from good ol’ Rockhopper! You can win tickets for playing various games spread out around the island.( might I say to get the most tickets, play Grab & Spin at the Dock). These tickets win you prizes (free items). This was said in newspaper. I had doubts, but it is awesome! Even the band’s here! Here’s some pictures of the fair! Click to enlarge:

And the games are fun! Here’s a list of the games:

  • Grab & Spin (Dock)
  • Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)
  • Puffle Shuffle (Forest)
  • Memory Card Game (Beach)
  • Feed A Puffle (Cove)
  • Ring The Bell (Dock)

And then come the prizes! Here’s a list of those too!

  • Feathered Tiara (1200 tickets)
  • Cotton Candy ( 600 tickets)
  • Circus tent pin (100 tickets)
  • Teddy bear background (400 tickets)
  • A sign that says “More to Come Soon!

And that’s it! Oh, Rockhopper left today too. 😦 Well, at least we have an AWESOME party to celebrate it with! This is the biggest Club Penguin party ever. Billybob said in a post earlier today:

“This is the biggest party Club Penguin has ever had so be sure to tell your friends about it so they dont miss it!”

Well, after the biggest post I ever wrote, I say I hope you enjoy this Fall Fair while you can! The party ends Monday, so enjoy it!

EDIT: It ends October 1st. My bad!

Waddle On Mateys!




1. fenderboy(cheat25) - September 22, 2007

where is the “Feed a Puffle” game?

2. rockhoppertracker - September 22, 2007

oops! I forgot to tell where the games were! I’ll add it ,but Feed-A-Puffle is at the Cove.

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