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Newspaper 9/6/07 September 6, 2007

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The new newspaper is here with exciting news!

  • Rockhopper’s package has been found out by accident. It is plans for a Fall Fair with tents.
  • Penguins love the Sport Shop change so much, it is making them want to rename Ballistic Biscut to something else. You can vote for it through the newspaper! The new name will be announced September 13. (NOTE: This was supposed to be yesterday’s news. Billybob posted it yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t get the chance to say about it. Sorry.)
  • The Featured game is Bean Counter.
  • Aunt Arctic talks about playing Catching’ Waves and how you can take your red puffle with you and about numbers and time in Club Penguin.
  • The secret this week is about Jet Pack and if you get no coins at all in the game, you get a special gift! (Really its 1,000 coins!)
  • Jokes, Riddles, Poetry, and Comic

Well, thats all the news this week!


-The RockhopperTracker Team



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